Celestron telescope P70EQ adult entry professional night vision HD times just as deep space stargazing viewing

Celestron telescope P70EQ adult entry professional night vision HD times just as deep space stargazing viewing

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: CELESTRON
  • made in China
  • Price range: 1000-2000
  • Telescope optics: refractive
  • Primary mirror diameter: 50-100mm
  • Highest magnification: 1000X
  • Coke ratio: 10
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Telescope bracket type: equator ceremony
  • Color Classification: Package 5: no color doubling Edition Package 4: continuous variable Edition Package 7: Direct high-power version of Package 1: Official standard 13 Edition Package: Package Version 10 computer observation: SLR photography edition Package 3: Observing photography synchronous version Package 6: 9 nebula landscape Edition Package: sun / moon / 17 nebula Edition Package: Package Version 11 nebula filter characteristics: Compact camera Photography Package 16 Version: Multi Grand Deluxe Edition Package 8: GPS hunt Star Edition Package 2: real high magnification photography edition Package 14: 15 automatic tracking Starchaser Edition Package: multifunction affordable Package Version 12: high-power wide-angle version
  • Item: 21037

Optical system: refraction type
Diameter: 70mm
Focal length: 700mm
Coke ratio: 10
Eyepiece 1: 20mm
Magnification 1: 35 x
Eyepiece 2: 4mm
Magnification 2: 175 x
Barrow lens: 3 x
Finder: 5 x24
Zenith mirror: Just 1.25 inches diagonal
Housing: DS-style equatorial
Tripod: Aluminum
Accessory tray: No tools are required to install / eyepiece support
CD ROM: The Sky X planet software
Optical Coating: Multi-Coated

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Located in southern California, United States Celestron company, is a major designer of high-quality optical products, manufacturers and suppliers, including computerized and non -! Computerized telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and microscopes and related auxiliary member. as one of the largest manufacturers of telescopes around the world, Celestron in the professional and amateur astronomers into by virtue of its superior optical design and innovative technology has won the brand recognition.

Celestron is Tom Johnson • Founded in the 1950s, a professional aerospace electronics company. Tom was • Johnson would like to make a suitable telescope for his two young sons, so he decided to start from scratch. He 6 Study start-inch reflector, then made further larger and more sophisticated designs. Tom's interest quickly swelled, so throw the normal work behind her. eventually he succeeded, to create a 4-inch to 22 inches Schmidt - Cassegrain telescope system, the various models of.

Until 1970, Celestron designers and engineers, the company announced a Schmidt can be produced at a reasonable cost - new method Cassegrain telescope system, a breakthrough in the optical industry are well reflected in the Celestron C8 in the consumer market, C8's popularity led to the C5 and larger versions include 11-inch and 14 inches telescope available. Celestron products today are still characterized by these models, but also greatly change, including many other optical products.

Celestron is a master of cutting-edge technologies, and has many years of research and years of experience in manufacturing companies. With the continuous expansion of sales channels and product offerings, and computerized equatorial telescope CGE series of strong market entry. In these competitive advantages, Celestron company can now focus its resources to provide users with an unprecedented platform of satisfaction and a range of quality products.

Around the world, Celestron telescopes have become the "telescope fine ', which is different from other brands. Major colleges and universities throughout the world in their astronomical events are selected Celestron telescope. Further, by virtue of its good reputation in the scientific community, NASA Select Celestron's C5 telescope to complete several space flight research mission.

Celestron's latest innovation -SkyScout (portable personal planetarium), at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show won the Best Innovation Award, the product can help us to explain many enthusiasts and beginners looking for stars and objectives. SkyScout comes a huge astronomical database to record information on more than 6000 visually observed various celestial bodies. help consumers remove 'learning astronomy divide', provides sky tool for many of the world's backyard stargazing enthusiasts.