Extension | canopy tent beach pergola awning outdoor camping folding oversized balcony awnings canopy rain

Extension | canopy tent beach pergola awning outdoor camping folding oversized balcony awnings canopy rain

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Category: apple green dark red orange royal blue dark green dark green champagne coffee sky blue sky blue Oxford cloth Oxford cloth Oxford cloth orange navy blue Oxford cloth Oxford cloth dark green green
  • Foreign account material: Oxford cloth / polyester cloth
  • Account waterproof outer index: 1500mm (including) -2000mm (free)
  • Bracket material: iron
  • Stent strut diameter: 1.6cm
  • made in China
  • Brand: FLYTOP / Extension
  • Item: Green tribunal
  • Time to market: Spring 2014

[] Outdoor Multi canopy tent can be set up in different ways to build a different style, can be used for canopy pergola, outdoor camping, car shade, moisture picnic mats and other uses can be to buy more rope to nail wind sky bar package, build more effect! on the beach recommend buying plastic nail!

Note: The description appears in chairs, tents and other display products for the effect props, not included in the product pro can contact customer service to purchase, thank you!

Reminder: Not recommended for use in Gale, remember to use the time to nail the wind rope with tension.

Reasons to Buy

1, on the Shape: Outdoor Extension 20 years of production experience, strict selection and production requirements we have this canopy size is 300 * 290, the shape of an arc with a dovetail, nice, and have a better wind resistance. . some market backdrop, I imitate Shape, to reduce costs, the use of some stock or scrap spliced ​​into the sky as a small-sized cloth surface is very low price, in fact, further price increases. If the canopy size is less than a 3 * 2.5 m, how can become real canopy use.

2, on the fabric: Our backdrop for high-density UV silver coated fabric, with high rain effects, and a variety of colors available in the market some of the sky using scrap or inventory fabric, single color, fabrics PU water repellent treatment, which. kinds of fabric simply can not defend ultraviolet radiation, not to mention the water.

3, on the price: Extension FLYTOP, is the Lynx brand Direct factory price of belonging to a minority factory direct selling price, saving wholesale, distribution, logistics and many other areas are low-cost for the general public...

Atrium purchase, please look for Extension 3 * 2.9 m above the size of the canopy.