Kay shanleey | pure tin METAL | portable flagon | 8 Angsi | National Father's Day gifts to share

Kay shanleey | pure tin METAL | portable flagon | 8 Angsi | National Father's Day gifts to share

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: Kay shanleey
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Product Number: CX-001

Identification of tin products

Diverse types of tin products, while tin level, quality good or bad, in the purchase of tin tin products How to identify the pros and cons of it? Mainly through the 'sound, color, quality, workers' terms. First heard the 'sound'. Pure tin material ductility, because distorted sound, so called 'ring tin' rear Crafts twisted become type, and therefore can not use this method to buy, but we can easier way 'hear his voice': with a nail by the palms outward gently sweep tin products, 97% of tin products have clear metallic sound and transient response. 99.9% of the sound is not clear and sharp tin no echo, it is a high tin.
And then watch their 'color'. Pure tin, silver color, such as bright as a mirror content 97% polished tin, although not bright white, are dark light;! Tin content of 99.9% was polished bright silver, is a high tin, silver looks.
Three Bianqi 'quality'. Quality refers to the purity of tin, tin higher the purity, the more durable means food is not only harmless, but also to the long-term preservation; low purity tin, put perishable food, not enough durable tin imports more marked. purity, made mostly of tin does not specify, but we can get to know its origin.
After the tour it 'work'. Workers, referring to the process, tin tin purity of its decision processes more, 97% or less of tin hard, suitable for machining, processing out of the tin is often seamless, embossed effect is obvious, but it is still intact not the best, so the canisters are generally used inside and outside the two-tier design. 99.9% tin soft texture characteristic strong hand, a work more for the synthesis of several parts, can exhibit superior carving and hollowing process, high-purity tin tightness well, just use a caddy cover to achieve the desired effect, you can often find hard cover will bounce back when, that is, for this reason.
Then exercise its 'price'. Price refers to the price of tin, tin itself is a precious metal, each product should have its value. Retail price is too low, then the products are suspected of tin alloy, a security risk!

Maintenance of tin products

Typically save tin products as long as it is not long on the lower than minus 15 ℃ where you can choose to tin products on display racks as exhibits to watch, it's rounded and soft color to show its natural charm; also can be used in daily life due to the tin-plated products are not on top of any material, to prevent the shedding of skin troubles, simple maintenance can keep the original luster of tin products:

1, only with water or a neutral detergent wash, then dry with a soft cloth along the lines dry. 2, tin products to avoid contact with oil, such as accidentally stained some of the dirt is difficult to remove as much as possible, avoid grinding with a hard object scratch, cigarette ash into the dirt at the available cloth with cotton, decontamination can be locally available cotton cloth dampened stain wipe polishing paste. 3, frosted surface of tin products, available in warm soap clean water; and glossy tin utensils, to high-quality silver wash water after wiping, can maintain long-lasting bright luster 4, if you live by the sea, frequently with a damp cloth, wipe the white tin crafts, because the air. salt will make it luster dimmed. 5, be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry in time after cleaning, because the residual detergent and water droplets will damage the tin article surface gloss. 6, the lower the melting point of tin (231.89 ℃), should not be placed baked in the fire for a long time.

Note: This product is pure tin, such as the receipt have any questions, please do not handle yourself, bump after receipt of the goods if the product due to human factors, scratches, or the product has been used so the restaurant does not support returned.

If you do not like pro after receipt of the goods, please contact customer service pro original packaging to return the first time!