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Space aluminum bathroom towel racks non-punching bathroom racks folding towel racks bathroom hardware pendant set

Space aluminum bathroom towel racks non-punching bathroom racks folding towel racks bathroom hardware pendant set
Product code: 30880100030
Unit price 6.08-34.84$
Sold quantity 62188
Available stock 98254

Product parameters:

  • Brand: heaven and earth fish
  • Model: 230
  • Installation: free punch
  • Number of layers: 2 floors
  • Surface Process: Anodized
  • Color classification: 40cm Free pinnacle towel rack 50cm Free pinnacle towel rack 60cm Free pinnacle bath towel rack Free pin double pole round section 60cm activity four bar (free punch) 50cm free throwing luxury towel rack 60cm free nail luxury towel rack 60cm MT301 (Nail Kit) MT301 (Nail Set) MT301 (Nail Set) MT501 (Nail Set) MT501 (Free Nail Set) MT601 (Free Nail Set) MT601 (Free Nail Set) QT301 (QT501) QT501 (Nail Set) QT501 (Nail Set)
  • Length: 60cm and above
  • Material: space aluminum
  • Bath towel rack type: folding activity type
  • Style: simple


>>> buyers question

1. Do you need to use the hair dryer during the demolition process, then the product will not heat naturally fall?

Answer: Our demolition process requires a hair dryer heated to 90 degrees or more with the utility knife to the product a little bit demolished Oh, in the normal use of the process of bathing tyrants heating, hot water spray, will not make the product naturally fall Oh The

2. Q: Are you so spaghetti really so magical?

Answer: Our clay from Malaysia, the export of European building materials market in Europe and the United States has been popular for more than 5 years, the quality can withstand the test of the market.

3. I bought the product is used in the bathroom, afraid of water mist?

Answer: Our clay specifically for the kitchen, bathroom environment, after installation is not afraid of fumes, not afraid of water mist Oh, pro can rest assured that use.

4. Is it really a full refund within ten years?

Reply: Our clay suppliers promise to cement can be maintained after 20 years of natural fall, ten years commitment is a conservative estimate, pro-installed after ten years of successful use of the natural drop, you can find our full refund Oh, We do not come true!

5. store, you will be equipped with non-stick rubber mud will not be enough?

Answer: pro do not have to worry about, our clay are in accordance with the product area is equipped with sufficient amount of plastic, please the majority of Amoy assured to buy.

6. If we four families, buy four small products, need four mud to get back to their installation, how would you operate?

Answer: normal no Remarks case, we will send a large dose of clay to you Oh, you need this note, we will be assigned with a small dose of cement alone to give you the allocation of four installation.

7. Will the wall be damaged after disassembly?

Reply: Will not damage the wall, residual clay with a knife can be cut off.

8. Can your product be dismantled and disassembled?

Reply: Can, after the demolition of the demolition of the residual clay on the wall with a knife to cut, and then buy our clay, you can achieve the second installation.

9. How long will your clay cease after opening?

Reply: Clay Kaifeng after half a month will be cured, pro-use before curing, Kaifeng sealed after use to seal the clay.

10. If the operation caused by improper how to do?

Answer: After receiving the goods please kiss you carefully look at our installation instructions for installation, if any, please contact us immediately online customer service, the reaction, we will provide timely professional advice.