Space aluminum bathroom towel rack bathroom shelving Free perforated folding metal pendant suite bathroom towel rack

Space aluminum bathroom towel rack bathroom shelving Free perforated folding metal pendant suite bathroom towel rack

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: World fish
  • Model: 230
  • Number of floors: 2 floors
  • Surface process: anodizing
  • Color Category: 40cm towel rack (sold for Free stud) 50cm towel rack (sold for Free stud) 60cm towel rack (sold for Free stud) free nail double pole arc thicker section 50cm free nail double pole arc thicker section 60cm 50cm towel rack (Deluxe Free stud) 60cm towel rack (Deluxe Free stud) 70cm towel rack (Deluxe Free stud) Ultimate Free punch with a 60cm double rod CT301 (classic) CT302 (classic) CT303 (classic paragraph) CT401 (classic) CT501 (classic) CT601 (classic) CT602 (classic) MT301 (thicker section) MT302 (thicker section) MT401 (thicker section) MT501 (thicker section) MT502 (thickening paragraph) MT601 (thicker section) MT602 (thicker section) MT603 (thicker section)
  • Length: 60cm and above
  • Material: Space aluminum
  • Towel rack type: Folding activity type
  • Style: Simple

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>>> Question Buyers

1. Are the demolition process requires heating with a hair dryer, then the product will naturally fall to heat it?

Answer: Our disassembly process requires a hair dryer and heated to 90 degrees with a utility knife to the product a little bit detached Oh, in case of Yuba warm during normal use, the hot water spray, do not cause the product to fall naturally Oh .

2. Q: Your free nail glue really that magical?

Answer: Our clay from Malaysia, exporting building materials market in Europe has been popular in Europe and America more than five years, and the quality stand the market test.

3. I bought the product is put to use the bathroom, afraid mist it?

Answer: Our clay specifically for the kitchen, bathroom environment, after the completion of the installation is not afraid of smoke, mist afraid Oh, the pro can be assured.

4. Drop is not really a full refund within a decade?

Reply: After our clay suppliers committed curable clay for 20 years does not naturally fall, a decade of commitment is a conservative estimate, pro installation within ten years after the success of the process of natural fall, we can find a full refund Oh, we do not come dummy!

5. stores, tack-free with your clay will enough?

Answer: pro Do not worry, our clay products are in accordance with the amount of glue area with sufficient surplus, please the majority of Amoy pro feel comfortable buying.

6. If we have four families, four small buy products, you need to take back their four clay installation, you will be how to operate?

Answer: Under normal circumstances no remark, we will send a large amount of clay to you, oh, you need this situation remarks, we will alone with four small dose distribution of clay for your distribution installed.

7. The wall will hurt later if disassembled it?

Reply: Will not damage the wall, the residual clay art sliced ​​off with it.

8. Your product may be repeated disassembly installation?

Reply: Yes, after the pro-demolition, the remaining walls with clay art sliced ​​off, and then buy our cement, we can achieve the second installed.

9. How long after you opened the cement cures?

Reply: Clay Kaifeng later solidified within two weeks away, the pro exhausted before curing, use after opening sealed with mastic.

10. If improper operation out how to do?

Answer: pro after receipt of the goods that you carefully look at our installation instructions, if any accident immediately contact our online customer service, response, we will provide professional advice in a timely manner.