Friends of Hideo GT dedicated to paint the tail | Free punch press sedan wing | adhesive tape paint modified rear spoiler

Friends of Hideo GT dedicated to paint the tail | Free punch press sedan wing | adhesive tape paint modified rear spoiler

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yi Friends
  • Model: YL-YW
  • Color Classification: with reflector / khaki gold (send 3M adhesive) with reflector / ruby ​​red (send 3M adhesive) with reflector / Snowy White (send 3M adhesive) with reflector / piano black (send 3M adhesive) primer paragraph (do not send things to be processed paint) with reflector / Glacier silver (send 3M adhesive) with mirror / sky blue (send 3M adhesive) with reflector / titanium gray (send 3M adhesive)
  • Spoiler Material: ABS
  • Wing style: horizontal pressure tail
  • Surrounded by a small species: Spoiler
  • Services: Support installation

Business promotion

Single orders over 388Save yuan 10Yuan, after the full reduction 388Yuan, Free shipping (inevitably Post regions: Qinghai; Ningxia; Xinjiang; Tibet; Taiwan; Hong Kong; Macau; overseas).

Buy more, more preferential Oh!

New upgraded version with pressure-reflector tail, Hideo car special! Very high degree of agreement!

Tips: Classic is without reflectors; models are upgraded with a primer for the reflector without reflector plate!!

DISCLAIMER: This product is mass-produced, there will be more or less color, slight color difference is inevitable! If the color is sensitive not recommended to buy, buy recommended primer to local processing section! Where color problem will be not returned within the scope of ! Please understand!

About installation:

1. This tail with 3M glue adhesive mounting (recommended with the use of an adhesion promoter, specific methods can refer to our video oh)
This simple and efficient installation, easy disassembly!
Note: The tail does not require drilling to install.

Spoiler have a slight color, This fin has Painted models and Unpainted models.

(Each car paint because of the time of purchase and maintenance of varying degrees and chromatic aberration),

Particularly demanding color owners can choose Unpainted models painting themselves Oh!

About color

Q: tail have color it?

A: We are painting the near tail, the more your new car, the smaller the color difference Conversely car purchase will be greater the longer the color.

For color demanding pro, the proposed purchase unpainted background, you can go 4S shop original car color paint.