High-definition A3 A4 Portable Scanner

High-definition A3 A4 Portable Scanner

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hanvon / Hanwang
  • Hanwang Model: e1190
  • Scan element: CMOS
  • Scanner Type: Text Scanner Document Scanner Scanner Scanner
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • The largest format: A3
  • Interface type: USB2.0
  • Optical resolution (dpi): 4800x24000dpi


Package content


content : The new plastic of the official standard Price: 1299

Shoot the actual package with a standard package

Package A


'Package 1', buy one get 11, price: 1299

1, the new plastic official standard

2, send Hanwang gepower 10400MA intelligent mobile power

4, presented Bluetooth headset (or 16 memory card, the default is the Bluetooth headset)

4, lazy base

(Taking into account the user long-term handheld more tired, especially to send a lazy base)

5, send e-books and related e-book tools

(3 DVD bookstore is a lot of buyers described as sitting on a small library, all the classic books in addition to the CD also presented a lot of comic crawl tools, e-book conversion software and other practical tools)

6, presented with two Capacitive stylus
( Warm reminder: This pen is a capacitive writing, the other end is a ball-point pen head)

7, Blue and white gift independent fish movie card.

8, store points

(After the transaction is automatically given to the day cat)

9, free extended warranty for 6 months

(General warranty for 12 months, in particular, extended to 18 months, except for man-made damage)

10, free package delivery

11, free of charge to provide OCR identification software