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Loving shoes in the fall of women's leather shoes in the fall height of a pedicure shoes sole

Loving shoes in the fall of women's leather shoes in the fall height of a pedicure shoes sole
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Product parameters:

  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Insole material: PU
  • Brand: YEDANI / Italy single Nigeria
  • Item No
  • Listing Year Season: Spring 2015
  • Style: Korean
  • Help surface material: the first layer of leather
  • Inside material: PU
  • Cortical features: embossing
  • Sole material: rubber
  • Opening depth: shallow mouth
  • Toe style: round head
  • Heel high: with the (3-5cm)
  • With the end models: increased
  • Popular elements: muffin with
  • Closed way: sets of feet
  • Black (White) (White) (White) (Black) (Black) White (Black) White (Black)
  • Size: 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
  • Shoes production process: adhesive shoes
  • pattern: plain
  • Gross weight: 0.8
  • Style: Lok Fu shoes
  • Suitable for: youth (18-40 years of age)
  • Applicable scene: Leisure
  • Toe style: round head

The quality does not explain! We all say good is really good! Buyers receive the try on the soles must remember to put paper mat!

Starting from 11 years, this has a range of old Beijing shoes shoes children began to fire became popular

Many domestic and foreign star idols are worn from the winter to summer, summer wear to winter.

Which is the magic of the shoes, with a nice dress shirt,

With cotton wool jacket is also unexpectedly super-fit ~ ~

At first I was a little can not accept this kind of shoes,

Well, old Beijing shoes in my mind deep-rooted,

Later, with more stars, I have been shaken,

Really did not see which is very awkward to wear ~ and then later is to see the more attractive,

I feel that wearing this kind of shoes is walking in front of the fashion people ~

Talk about the shoe last type, it seems not difficult, ah,

Is simply a pedal,

But the curvature of the toe is quite particular about the round will become simple-minded,

Pointed a little stingy and will feel uncomfortable,

A perfect arc is what we have been pursuing,

Last-type tune and tune, try and try, but fortunately the final out of the results is quite satisfactory,

Is just good, all just right ~ comfort, aesthetics

Say that soles, improved rubber soles, foot feeling did not have to say ah,

Through our shoes all know, our quality soles process is good