Pierre Cardin Spring and Autumn thick section pantyhose stockings anti-hook silk velvet plus crotch pantyhose big yards backing was thin

Pierre Cardin Spring and Autumn thick section pantyhose stockings anti-hook silk velvet plus crotch pantyhose big yards backing was thin

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015 Fall
  • Brand: Pierre Cardin / Pierre Cardin
  • Style: PC650011
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Fabric Material: polyamide fibers (nylon) 91% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 9%
  • Color Classification: 380D Brushed seamless black color 80D 80D 80D seamless seamless color brown black 120D 120D 80D to increase black brown complexion 120D 120D 380D Black Brushed black brown 380D 380D 380D color dark gray navy blue 380D 380D 380D wear red wine black hair black 380D 380D step foot step foot thick black color 580D 580D thicker skin
  • Size: 80D Seamless / XL [Spring 15 ~ 25 ℃ without crotch [120D] Spring 15 ~ 25 ℃] 120D brushed plus crotch [Spring 10 ~ 20 ℃ sided plus crotch [380D] Spring 10 ~ 20 ℃] 380D brushed plus crotch [Spring 10 ~ 20 ℃] 580D sided plus crotch [Spring 5 ~ 20 ℃]
  • Cylinder height: Rompers
  • Thickness: thick
  • Crotch-bit style: single-sided plus crotch
  • Fabric material: velvet
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: Ultrafine velvet
  • Functional uses socks: Legs shaping
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Season: Spring

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Note ①Stockings D count: That DEN number (Danny) referred to 'D'Is the unit of measurement used in fiber stockings which represents stockings thickness, usually The thicker the 'D' number the larger the thickness of the representatives stockings

Note ② Pierre Cardin velvet pantyhose : Soft and delicate, very good elasticity, elegant appearance, in addition also has good thermal velvet effect and difficult to pilling, warm autumn and winter tights mainstream choice, there are three colors: black, color and coffee. Pierre Cardin pantyhose use of advanced production technology and raw materials selection, each stockings factory have to undergo rigorous testing, quality assurance, parents can rest assured purchase. Wise Chi clothing specialty stores directly authorized by the manufacturer, authentic guarantee, fake a lost decade.

Collection Seamless 80D / XL: Preferably stretch velvet plus fertilizer to increase, close Naples, suitable temperature [Spring 15 ~ 25 ℃]

Collection 120D without gear: nice View Shu Fitness, self-cultivation, good flexibility, suitable temperature [Spring 10 ~ 25 ℃]

Collection 380D-sided plus crotch: Sided plus crotch, flexible, warm and comfortable, suitable temperature [Spring 5 ~ 20 ℃]

Collection 580D sided thickening plus crotch: Sided plus crotch, elastic, Thick warm, suitable temperature [Spring] 0 ~ 15 ℃

Because each person's body and features of the cold is not the same, a suitable temperature for reference only