Antelope good morning | autumn and winter out scarf silk OL model with large square lady silk scarf scarf

Antelope good morning | autumn and winter out scarf silk OL model with large square lady silk scarf scarf

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Length: 90 cm
  • Material: silk
  • Shape: large square
  • Applicable season: Spring and summer and winter
  • Gender: Female
  • Color Category: Southland Dream - Olive Green Kwai Xia - Red Tasha's Garden - Camel Mirror Cloud - Shallow Purple Snares - Huang Kaixia - Blue South Dream - Beetle Summer - Coffee I season flowers - white end of the moment - pink mirror Clouds - Pink Mirror Clouds - Yellow South Dreams - Pink Mirror Clouds - Light Yellow South Dreams - Gray Purple Sleeping Beauty Cat Happy March - Purple Court Pavilion - Yellow Moments - Sapphire Blue - Cappuccino Dreams - On the city - tone white gold light
  • Scarf Brand: antelope good morning
  • Product Number: RGLT 1 22
  • Style: scarf / scarf
  • Function: Decorative
  • Suitable for: youth
  • Style: Europe and the United States
  • Clothing style details: other
  • Pattern: Other
  • Component content: 96% or more

Through professional testing organizations, Mulberry silk content of 100%,Please be assured parents to buy

fabric composition: 100% mulberry silk
Process: Printing | plain crepe satin
Counter price: 698.00 yuan
Product Number: Sd122 / sj605
product name: Elegant large square
Size: 90cm * 90cm (± 5cm)
Weight: 43 g (± 5 g with bag)
Packing: Easy to seal the pocket
Colour: 23 color into
Washing instructions: Recommended dry cleaning. With neutral or weak acid detergent (such as silk hair detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.), the water temperature below 30 degrees, not bleaching, not exposure, hanging in the shade dry, low temperature ironing.
Tips: Manual measurement, because there is a lock edge, please 1-5 cm measurement process error taken into account.

In the eyes of the designer scarf, such a belt buckle decoration is worth paying tribute

Especially such a big square, adding a little in the elegant sense of this slight punk is very good

This wonderful, is already seen numerous landscapes of people occasionally dream of paradise of the kind of mood

Crepe satin process, is a pure silk fabric weave, beautiful satin is very noble, visually very natural sheen

The touch on the feel smooth and delicate, surrounded by a sense of drape good

Elastic, dense tissue, so particularly skin-friendly

Sd147: Flash - Pink

Sd147: moment -sapphire

Sd147: moment - yellow coffee

Sd147: moment - coffee color

Golden light

Sd037: The Cat's Happy March

Sd037: Happy Cat March - Purple

Sd166: sunflower - red

Sd166: sunflower - coffee color

Sd166: Kui Xia - blue

Fall in love with the city - the tone white

Sd122: Southern Dream - pink

From New season's fashion week, to the star's daily dress, and ultimately, leopard scarf

Moreover, the combination of flowers and leopard large square, dignified and sexy coexistence
Especially in the upcoming spring
I have not seen any fashionable woman without leopard scarf,
Modeling with the division, it is simply unthinkable
Sd122: Southland dream - gray and purple

Crepe satin, silk fabric is a kind of weave, the beautiful satin is very noble
Visually very natural luster, feel in the touch on the smooth, delicate, surrounded by a sense of drape very good
Flexible, dense tissue, there will be no rough feeling
Both crepe-like fabrics have the advantages of anti-wrinkle, and the softness of satin-like fabrics
Very high-quality materials, but also exceptionally skin-friendly

Sd122: Southern Dream - beige

Sd122: Southern Dream - coffee color

Sd122: Southern Dream -Olive green

Sd042: I season flowers - white end

Sd078: Tasha Park - camel

Sj046: Sleeping Beauty

Sj605: mirror cloud - yellow

Sj605: mirror cloud - light purple

Sj605: mirror clouds - yellow

Sj605: Court Pavilion - pink

SJ605: Court Pavilion - yellow