New Feona Japanese women socks | cotton women socks | Korea cute socks stockings

New Feona Japanese women socks | cotton women socks | Korea cute socks stockings

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Even number: 1 pairs
  • Brand: NEW FEONA / New Fiona
  • Ref: N6209058WZA218ABCDEF
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Fabric Material Composition: Cotton 90% Polyethylene Terephthalate (Polyester) 7% Polyurethane Elastic Fiber (Spandex) 3%
  • Color Classification: gray black dot WZB351B white black dot WZB351C rice brown wavy stripes WZB328A orange stripes WZB200C rose red khaki stripes WZB566C yellow bubble socks WZB199C gray silver wire little WZB586C coffee base silver wire little WZB586B meter dark green socks WZB325F deep Purple Silver Point WZB586A Deep Blue Socks WZB328D Sole Orange Yellow WZB325B White Blue Socks WZB328C Black Silver Wire Little WZB586D Pink WZB280B Sky Blue Socks WZB328B Purple WZB325C Pink Bubble WZB199A Black Base White WZB351A Pink WZB325D Pink Color flowers WZB163D sky blue stripes WZB200A pink stripes WZB200B meters bottom lake blue WZB325E
  • size: one size
  • Tube height: short tube
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Crotch style: ordinary crotch
  • Fabric material: Other
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Clothing style details: woven flowers
  • Socks function Uses: warm
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Applicable season: spring

Exquisite fashion new lady cotton socks

Soft and comfortable cotton socks

There are several colors to choose from

Sky blue stripes WZB200A

Orange Stripes WZB200C

Yellow Bubble WZB199C

Yellow WZB325B

Purple WZB325C

Pink WZB325D

Beige at the end of WZB328A

The sky blue end WZB328B

White bottom WZB328C

Dark blue base. WZB328D

Black WZB351A

Gray WZB351B

White WZB351C

Blue WZB325E

Green WZB325F

Dark purple Silver wire little WZB586A

Brown Silver wire little WZB586B

gray Silver wire little WZB586C

Black silver little bit WZB586D