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Wigs | High Temperature Wig Fake Ponytails | Ponytail | Straight Ponytail Wraps

Wigs | High Temperature Wig Fake Ponytails | Ponytail | Straight Ponytail Wraps
Product code: 30612600030
Unit price 6.08-7.39$
Sold quantity 1963
Available stock 592447

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: gifted gripping folder 007
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Wigs single product: clip clip 007
  • Color classification: strap type (dark brown) + comb banding (light brown) + comb banding (natural black) + care solution strap (dark brown) + care solution strap (light brown) + care Liquid strap type (natural black) + comb
  • Hair material: high temperature silk

Good news! Good news!

Should be a strong demand for MM, 2016 grand launch

Awesome bundle of straight hair tail

Work fine hair matte does not shine Not the general small workshop to sell the inferior goods ~

Original price of 68 yuan, is now selling special sales 38yuan!

Series: Horse Tail Series Name: Bundled Straight Horse Tail

Material: high temperature flame retardant wire length: 55cm (manual measurement, error ±3cm)

Color: natural black, dark brown, light brown

- Model Show -

Excellent odd home tied hair straight tail, Easy to wear, hair supple, filling pure and capable, You deserve to have

Own real shot map, Pirates of the map must study!

Hand comb can wear without combing their own modeling

Wear more realistic! Compared to the tiger's mouth is more light tail

Wear a solid light does not hurt the scalp

Whichever season, the neat horsetail is always very popular with the crush ~ ~

Whether long or short hair, more or less, can be worn

No need to take care, no need to dye hot, easy to shape long hair and waist

Hair naturally super-realistic ~ step to save the hair on the hair caused by hair damage

Fashion aesthetic ~ shape is a barber shop can not imitate Oh ~

Awesome Bundled Straight tail

This section of the tail is a good choice for elegant women, Supple straight hair, eternal classic, energetic. Since the market has been sought after by many women.

Not reflective, not shiny, breathable , Wearing a good effect, realistic fashion wig, Can not see the wig is a wig It is not the average sale of small workshops.

This wig is made of materialHigh temperature flame retardant wire , not all High temperature silk Are all Flame retardant wire!

1. closest to the hair of the hair material, wearing light and comfortable 2. breathable, anti-static

3. Can be resistant to 210 ° high temperature, excellent plasticity 4. Flexible, feel good, stereotypes lasting

This section of the tail is not only soft and easy to take care, wear it is also quite easy to drip it ~

Classic Bundled Tail Wear Method

------ Cleaning care -

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