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Eye shadow dedicated | paper skin color invisible double-fold adhesive tape | US head roll | width 2.5cm

Eye shadow dedicated | paper skin color invisible double-fold adhesive tape | US head roll | width 2.5cm
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Product parameters:

  • Double eyelid Product Category: double eyelid tape
  • Brand: eleles
  • Eyelid single product: Invisible double-fold paste 2.5CM
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Efficacy: waterproof other

Treasurer to remind MM are: This flesh-colored paper, double-fold the color of the skin is darker, the skin white MM are carefully selected Oh! Color white MM must be painted eye shadow 'earth color eye shadow', otherwise there is no invisible effect, painted eye shadow guarantee can not tell.

MM who, if you want to cover the scar type, need to cover the scar with the tape first, with the water powder or foundation to use to maintain the US head affixed to the site and the surrounding skin color, looks not obvious!

Product size: about 25mm * about 10m

Gross weight: about 20 g

Color: slightly darker than skin color

A multi-purpose make-up good helper!

Makeup with the characteristics of youth patch:

Sticky, and skin color, you can cover the obvious small acne, small scars, as double eyelid tape is also easy to marked eye shadow, goodbye to slide on the eye shadow powder trouble ~!

It is easy to apply on face, eye and make-up. Breathable, can make the skin breathe normally. Does not irritate the skin, not allergic. Adhesive firmly, bathing, sports, perspiration not fall off. , Comfortable, beautiful.

Our common use of double-fold paste is white, paste it more obvious! This will not be Oh! Paper of the supernatural! Eye shadow Eyeliner picture! Star cast for! Beautiful perfect requirements of the push this paragraph!

MM asked me, this paragraph with the kind of ordinary large paste the difference is what?

I have to answer: This is flesh-colored paper according to the invisible principle, the production of very thin breathable and paper will not be reflective so it will not be easily found by others because the paper on the makeup of the color than the average much better Oh, if coated with a layer of eye shadow, the effect will be better invisible Oh! Like the actors of the drama series need to use this kind of ordinary Mie Tou I believe we all used the characteristics of reflective makeup is not on the heavy make eyelids So uncomfortable easy to be found ~ so dear MM who can try this paragraph invisible beauty paste Oh! A penny a sub-goods! Effect good or bad we use the buyer's evaluation to prove.

Paper feels softer!

Some MM always said that the United States head sticky sticky is not right (probably after the use of eye shadow stickers affixed to the United States, as the sticky glue will not be very sticky) or the skin is more oil, I personally feel sticky Yes, the viscosity is enough.

The following switch from AYO network the essence of the Reds to use

With this tape, according to their own eyes long to cut into several kinds of the above kind

Full-eye length of the crescent-shaped, but also like my following demonstration of the kind of local crescent-shaped map.

A method of widening the eye

Along the natural polyline to paste


Before and after comparison



Paste the law of two open eyes

Eye part of the upper part of the paste

Before and after comparison



Demonstration is completed, recently to give you a simple look and primer, eye shadow related to the contrast.
From top to bottom is the above demonstration of the order, narrow, wide type, 3M.
The left is a direct paste, paste the right is superimposed on the too faced eye primer and benefit lemon cream.

Primer, the patch color and color are more consistent, eye shadow more easily color, color is smaller,

For high reflective tape, as well as the role of mattify

Open a more intuitive flash, playing the end of the basic side can not see the patch.

After the eye shadow over, playing the end of the side of the patch color and color of the surrounding color will be smaller,

In the eyes even more natural.