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Curls good helper | automatic curlers | do not hurt the hair | donuts | Quick curlers combination

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  • Color Classification: 1 package nationwide affreightment Buy 2 Get 1 package package small circle (1 Pack 8) large ring (a six pack) 2 Get 1 bag big bag big bag of 3 2 Get 1 package small bag big total 3 packs small package 2 of 3 Get 1 package small bag small bag 2 Get 1 package large package of 3
  • Beauty tools Category: hair tools
  • Hair tools Category: curls
  • Beauty Tools varieties: curly hair sponge ball
  • Brand: BK
  • A single product: Donuts curlers suit
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Efficacy: Waterproof
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin
  • made in China
  • Shelf life: 5 years

Plastic Resin
Multicolor random hair color
18.5cm (L) 17cm (trumpet) Expand undrawn
2cm (L) 1.5cm (trumpet)
7g (Queen) 4g (trumpet)

Buyers must-read steps:
A: drying wet hair feeling not too wet on the volume and began to roll a few times it will not release those tight, tight pattern shaping roll good good.
II: with a hair dryer to blow dry or air dry can be provided must be dry unloading, so only the hair elastic only volume, the more time spent scroll of the more obvious.
Three: After unloading can not comb the RBI gel water or elastin persistent stereotypes scratched up!

[Long hair below the shoulders recommendations trumpet, tuba relatively large to fit the back of the waist]!

Most of the reaction a package is not enough, it is recommended to bring on some volume 2 packs more flowers look better

Buyers Effects reference! Good and bad effects are also a matter of personal operating practices in the relationship between the residence time and Hair!

UCKY a new product can always start a DIY hair trends in Japan,

Before sponge curls imitated countless domestic small factory to the overwhelming extent, it is indicative of the popularity of the product.

The new products introduced this year is an unprecedented new design is expected to turn a new lift hairdressing revolution.

Resembling donut hair sticks, solve four major problems exist in the old curling iron.

First, solve the problem of unreliable fixed Daughter Beauty Copyright Piracy copying business deteriorated

Foam hair sticks to the old one-piece design, with fixed opening times or use a large amount of time easy to loose curls.

Currently marketed regardless of genuine and fake goods LUCKY and Daiso hair sticks have this problem.

New donut curling iron with a special convex plastic tabs, fixed very solid and reliable, once on the card never loose.

Second, completely solve the problem of life Daughter Beauty Copyright Piracy copying business deteriorated

The old curling iron by the material properties of foam restrictions, while making curly hair needs folding, resulting in life is very limited.

New donut with a new curling iron mesh resin plastic structure, strong and durable service life is 10 times the original paragraph.

Resin plastic mesh interwoven structure also makes hair stick softened, more suitable for use during sleep.

Third, greatly improve the difficult issues on the volume Daughter Beauty Copyright Piracy copying business deteriorated

When the old curling iron curly hair, using its own materials resistance attached hair rolled up, hair harder MM operation is relatively trouble.

New donut curling iron is designed to take into account this problem, in the middle of an increase of four rows of comb teeth,

Not only helps the hair evenly apportioned more can increase the resistance to help hair easily rolled up and fixed.

Fourth, hot and cold dual-use, easy to clean Daughter Beauty Copyright Piracy copying business deteriorated

The old curling iron heated material can not only be used to shape or volume for a long time during sleep.

The new dual-donut can be hot and cold, can not only sleep with, but also urgent when heated hair styling in rapid time.

Therefore, the scope of a wider, more diverse mode of operation, can be hot and cold curls increased binding effect and duration.

Plastic resin material easier to clean than the old foam, but not easy to offset deformation, long-term brand-new appearance.

Use sleep at bedtime, the next morning have air fluffy romantic hair!

The special design of soft material, do not pull hair, bite, Po protect your hair.

Do not need strong hot ironing, you can easily have a romantic air of charming hair styling sense.

Hair care or hair styling liquid with the use of better Oh.

Do not go to hair salon that he can still make a beautiful stylish curls.

Permed curls MM same applies, make hair fuller and more type