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Product code: -3052800030
Unit price 4.78$
Sold quantity 32187
Available stock 1470
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Chi moving
  • Model: aluminum balloon
  • Balloon and accessories type: aluminum balloon
  • Color classification: Trojan horse (photographed message number) Trojan blue (photographed message number) Mickey Minnie package D blue DS happy set AJD Happy Birthday Monkey Heart of the sea Purple romantic
  • Shape: shaped
  • Pattern: printing
  • Balloon Color: Standard color
  • Item: Set series

Treasurer for your recommendation

Beckoned Bear set replaced Minnie head

Lollipop color is not the color ball or heart color printing with the replacement, style random hair

Moon monkey head monkey to monkey style (random hair Oh)

Ocean Star blue petals with red instead of oh

Package F Blue Dolphin With a meteor instead

All packages Happy birthday pink Change Golden Happy birthday

C package Bear Into Minnie models

Tips: Package gift of latex balloon for a little or no point, with two random Oh.