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3 brand car perfume | high-grade car perfume | air conditioning outlet tuyere clip | Gu Long Xiang | car perfume seat

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Product parameters:

  • Perfume Category: Perfume
  • Brand: 3
  • Model: FKXSLBW
  • Color Classification: Fragrance - Gold Fragrance - Titanium Fragrance - Trivalent Spirit - Gold Spirit - Titanium Spirit - Trivalent chromium 'proposed purchase of two perfume, will receive 28 yuan to add two, equal to Incense 180 days' -LIN
  • Fragrance: floral notes
  • Fragrance: citrus lemon scent apple fragrance bergamot peach raspberry nymph lotus rose jasmine gardenia iris orange flower lily of the valley lily hyacinth fragrance lilac sandalwood musk fragrance
  • Net content: 5mL (including) -10mL (including)
  • material: metal
  • Shape: Other

'3 cards ' Brand anniversary celebration

Where the purchase of two tuyeres perfume, to send unit price of 28 yuan to add the incense stick 2

(Equivalent to 180 days to hold incense)

7 days unconditional return!