Applicable Volkswagen Jetta Lavida Wiper Magotan CC POLO Tiguan New Bora Golf 6 boneless wiper blades 7

Applicable Volkswagen Jetta Lavida Wiper Magotan CC POLO Tiguan New Bora Golf 6 boneless wiper blades 7

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Australian Craig
  • Model: Volkswagen Lavida wiper polo new Jetta Bora wiper wiper Wiper Golf 6
  • Car brands: Buick Wuling Toyota Nissan Honda Mazda Volkswagen Hover
  • Cars: RAV4 RAV4 (import) Camry Camry dual-engine Camry respect Rui Chun Shui Camry Rui Jingdian Camry Corolla Corolla Reiz Highlander
  • Cars: S1 Hongguang Hongguang Hongguang Hongguang S S V glory glory glory V
  • Cars: Buick Excelle Excelle HRV Excelle station wagon Regal Regal GS LaCrosse eAssist LaCrosse Hideo Hideo GT Hideo XT
  • Cars: H6 H6 Coupe
  • Cars: Beetle / Beetle (import) CC CC (import) CROSS POLO Caravelle / Kailu Wei (import) Eos (import) Golf / Golf (import) Magotan / Magotan (import) Multivan / Maite Wei (import) POLO- POLO- hatchback sedan Passat / Passat (import) Phaeton / Phaeton (import) Polo Polo AccFast R36 (import) Scirocco GTS / Scirocco GTS (import) Scirocco / Scirocco (import) Sharan / Sharan (import) Tiguan / Tiguan (import) Touareg / Touareg (import) polo strong feelings up (imports) Ling crossing Bora Bora HS- hatchback Bora classic Passat Passat open Dijiedalang throughout Long lines Lavida Lavida classic Santana Santana Zhijun Santana 2000 Santana 3000 Santana yet Nathan Wei Tana · ho Na Lan (import) Magotan Touran Tiguan Sagitar golf golf golf golf golf 6 4 7
  • Cars: Duke Teana Teana Sylphy Sylphy Classic Qashqai Livina Tiida Tiida GTS
  • Cars: 6-generation Civic Accord Accord Accord seven generations Accord 8 generation Accord nine generations
  • Cars: Mazda 6 Mazda 6 ATENZA Mazda 6 Wagon Mazda 6 Coupe
  • Color Classification: 06-11 paragraph SAGITAR Sagitar Tiguan 09--14 years GOLF Golf 609 years ago PASSAT Passat / Passat sedan POLO 11 years has so far SAGITAR 12 new Sagitar Touran old - to scrape paragraph POLO 04-10 / 09 years ago, U hook - Golf GOLF Long line / Long mirror 03-12 paragraph U hook LAVIDA- classic Lavida Magotan, FAW has 08 new Touran TOURAN ★ cis scratch golf 711-12 new paragraph BORA Bora 01 - 2003 POLO VW CC / Scirocco 13 So far 11 new Bora BORA has PASSAT Passat 03-10, paragraph 13 of the U hook BORA Bora - Sunny has LAVIDA other new models to shoot this, please leave a message models [+] Year seamless fit two pairs of dress = 4 Golf 4 side-inserted 09--11 years since the new Passat 11- POLO hatchback
  • Size: Other
  • Wiper type: wipers
  • Number of members: 2
  • Services: Support installation

Genuine Volkswagen Wiper new Passat Magotan Sagitar Golf 6 Original Tiguan Bora polo Anxin Long boneless wipers wipers new Bora