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For Buick GL8 new Regal Lacrosse British Long GT Sai Aon wiper Guke genuine wipers

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: CARALL
  • Model: Buick wiper
  • 'Special Edition of the' Hideo XT / GT 'earmarked for the' boulevard 'earmarked' Buick Excelle 'earmarked' Hideo XT / GT 'earmarked On the installation of 'Buick Sail' earmarked to install '03 -08 Regal 'on the '09 -14 Regal' on the 'old models GL8-on scratch' U-hook on the '09 -14 models LaCrosse ' '15 new section of the British Hideo 'earmarked' GL8 Deluxe Business Edition 'dovetail-style interface' New Angler '
  • Size: Other
  • Wiper type: no bone wipers
  • Number of pieces: 2 pieces
  • Services: support the installation