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Bo door threshold applies to the modern name of the new dynamic Yue move Langa IX35 stainless steel LED welcome pedal

Product code: -30461100030
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Sold quantity 1740
Available stock 9529
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: RB / Rui Pa
  • Model: bqcpl1
  • Scope of application: threshold bar
  • Color classification: Long wire drawing threshold of the threshold of the Rena Ruina satisfied with the fashion section of the black color of the standard section IX35 Yuet moving inside the threshold of the name of the product quality models Long moving moving platinum moving threshold threshold Long moving built-in threshold section IX35 ix35 built-in threshold bar Moving LED threshold bar name map built-in threshold bar IX35 led the threshold of the name of the map with LED lights paragraph Yue Yuet Wyatt moving threshold bar name map with LED lights (platinum) Name Platinum section name Turena Platinum door bar with LED lights (black Section) Rena fashion red standard section
  • Services: support the installation