Lucky auspicious like Decoration a pair of large feng shui furnishings home living room housewarming gift opening gift

Lucky auspicious like Decoration a pair of large feng shui furnishings home living room housewarming gift opening gift

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: etiquette decorated sector
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color Classification: small anuspicious auspicious small special auspicious small wishful auspicious auspicious auspicious small trumpet auspicious / trumpet auspicious wishful / trumpet auspicious auspicious auspicious a pair of medium safe An auspicious (public) / Medium auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious large auspicious (public) / a large auspicious wishful (mother) / a large safe auspicious auspicious auspicious large (Nose down) large auspicious Ruyi Xiang and auspicious Ruyi (a pair of) 45 cm wealth 45 cm auspicious 45 cm wealth + auspicious lucky auspicious wealth auspicious wealth a pair of money-rich elephant a pair of mini Base Lucky like new to success
  • Material: Resin
  • Item: ls_1665
  • Applicable space: living room
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration type: Desktop Decoration

Product Features:

Elephant tall kuwu, character is gentle and supple, according to legend for the shining star to generate, to Zhao Lingrui.

Product introduction:
name Elephant Decoration
Material Resin imitation wood

Special small: long 16 * wide 9.5 * high 15.5cm / months
Small: long 19 * wide 11 * high 19cm / months

Medium: long 25 * wide 17 * high 24 / a
Large: long 34 * wide 19 * high 35cm / months
The new super-rich long 41cm * 26cm wide * 45cm high

weight Special small 1.6 pounds / small No. 2 kg / Medium 5.8 pounds / Large 8 pounds / 9.3 pounds large Large blessing and harmony + lucky about 6 pounds
package Fu word environmental carton packaging

'Elephant Decoration'

Like 'harmony' Cheung 'sound, traditional customs, like on behalf of the auspicious' Elephant' to bring to the world like a kind of Swiss, a symbol of peace the world. 'Elephant' that peace, happiness and happiness. But gentle and supple, according to legend for the shaking star generation, to Zhao Ling Rui, ancient Buddha is by elephant from heaven, to the human wealth and good fortune, elephants good at water, water for money, where the household windows see water, placed 'Kyrgyzstan as lucky money' is able to achieve the power to draw water to accept the financial power. Ji-like suction strength to strengthen the power of sitting side, and like a large body, such as mountains in the home living room, office or study room placed Kyrgyzstan, Can strengthen the power of sitting side.On the other hand, like a social animal, very organized, An Liji like to enhance the leadership position, bring stability and harmony, will be absorbed in all aspects of the wealth of the body. , Pool, river, etc., are known as the Mingtang poly water, so An Liji as at home, small financial wealth has been satisfied, such as the observation of the domestic good at absorbing water, water for wealth, home enrichment, Office, home study to help fortune fortune, to enhance the cause of wealth, get the help of the elegant, to strengthen the square force, and the cause of consolidation, to promote the cause of wealth, the town house solid industry, on the living room, Resources rolling, rich and rich treasury.

A personal office sitting placement 'auspicious wish' to strengthen the side of the force, the cause of stability and have to help people, to enhance the cause of transport, to help fortune fortune.
Second, businesses, shop cash registers (Treasury position) placement 'good luck' draw tourists, Wang Cai Ji-like, business is booming.
Third, the placement of office space 'good luck' can unite the staff of various departments, the team more organized and bring stability and harmony, the company business overwhelmed.
Fourth, the company bosses and supervisors are more suitable for placement in the desk, to get the power of people looking, work with elegant help.
Fifth, business and commission income, in the desk or home study placement 'auspicious wishful', get the elegant help, urge Wang Zhengcai, the future is bright and beautiful.Fifth, home sofa, desk or desk without, the pattern factor can not Change, can be placed in the sofa coffee table or sitting next to the 'good luck.' Homemaker house dedicated to this mascot, can make the family full of harmony and gas: Corporate Office: worship this thing, help colleagues unity, unity, unity Government Officials: Elephant worship can reduce stress, increase performance, and promote promotion.