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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Deli / Deli 8463
  • Brand: Deli / Deli
  • Model: 8463
  • Color classification: 8463 30cm 8462 20cm 8461 15cm

DeLi 30cm steel ruler
8463 steel ruler front and back detail display
8463 steel ruler features description

1. Thickness: 0.1cm; Size: 30cm, Material: stainless steel.

3. Text using two-color printing, two-color mark.

3. The amount of program engraved, clear, accurate, wear-resistant.

4. Engraved with numerous formulas or conversion tables on the back, easy to find check.

5. Surface matte treatment, beautiful and durable, the surface is not easy to reflect.

6. Suitable for carpentry, metal and other industries to use.

8463 steel ruler actual size display