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'Promotion' TL-SL1226P 24-port POE switch POE power supply switch Standard POE power supply

'Promotion' TL-SL1226P 24-port POE switch POE power supply switch Standard POE power supply
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: TP-Link / 普联 技术
  • Model: TL-SL1226P
  • Condition: New
  • Transmission speed: 10Mbps 100Mbps 1000Mbps
  • Switch Type: Fast switch
  • Number of interfaces: 26
  • VLAN support: Not supported
  • Stackable: Not stackable
  • After-sales service: Genius

TP-LINK TL-SL1226P supports 24 ports standard 48VPower supply equipment! Video Surveillance , Wireless AP Can be used, the product 1236 4 network cable power supply and data transmission equipment, please carefully understand before buying!

TL-SL1226P TP-LINK is a Gigabit uplink unmanaged PoE switch designed specifically for PoE power supply. The TL-SL1226P has 24 100M RJ45 ports, two Gigabit RJ45 ports, and two multiplexed SFP optical modules. Expansion slots, of which 24 100M RJ45 ports all support IEEE 802.3af / at standard PoE power supply, power supply up to 160 W. Plug and play, no configuration, easy to use, to meet the needs of high-density PoE power supply network environment , Suitable for hotels, campuses, factory dormitories and small and medium enterprises to form a cost-effective network.

Excellent PoE power supply performance

Support IEEE 802.3af / at standard, automatic detection and identification in line with IEEE 802.3af / at standard equipment and its power supply;

24 100M RJ45 ports are equipped with PoE power supply capacity, power supply per port up to 30W;

The whole power supply power up to 160W;

Flexible scalability

It provides two 10/100 / 1000M RJ45 ports for seamless transition to a gigabit network while providing two Gigabit SFP (mini GBIC) optical module expansion slots for easy connection to fiber backbone networks using SFP fiber modules , Greatly expand the scope of equipment, saving user investment.

Easy to use

Plug and play, no configuration, easy to use.