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Perfect | Q20B Bluetooth active subwoofer 2.1 multimedia notebook computer small speakers stereo TV

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Product parameters:

  • Product name: perfect Q20B
  • Size: 343*238*470
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: brand new
  • Gross weight: 7.5kg
  • Cabinet material: wood
  • Color: white + white black red black red black black + red + white + black
  • After-sales service: shop warranty
  • Brand: perfect
  • Model: Q20B

One.Express Yunda Inner Mongolia/Tibet/Xinjiang Post

Two.Standard Edition Bring : Card features + microphone

Three.Optional : Bluetooth capability/remote control/one/two wireless microphone wireless microphone. In Color classification Select! It can be said Is a real Function machine King! Other speakers on the market does not function can only connect to computer to play!

Four.Real 60 watts High power speaker

Five.Baby weight 13 kg On the market with price speaker only 6 kg No shopping Weight

Six.Packaging long 39cm* wide and 30cm* high 54cm Is a great speaker No shopping See volume

Seven.Wireless microphone =KTV moved back home, want to sing it! Sing out loud!

Appearance Modern Taobao consumer Aesthetic View and the view of consumption, Mobile tablet computer, laptop and Computer audio companion

Satellite box Design of resonance When a trumpet When, another speaker produces harmony, So that the tweeter structured, clear, Not harsh. Subwoofer Built-in designs . Hair Bass full flexibility. Suitable for Multicast Put DJ Play/watch movies/games

Dispensers measuring: Jacky Cheung concert tours of the 1000 reasons for sad

Very clear layering of vocals and accompaniment, deep bass, high excitement, completely restored the song of God out of concert

Dispensers measuring: in cross fire ﹥ ﹥ and friends fighting, this sound when I plug in the God head shot each other when bullets I feel have crossed each other's screen, blood flow is very layered, PK genuine and does not make any difference!