Spring and summer sports casual pants young men died flying leg pants closed leg pants beam | M pants tapered feet harem pants tide

Spring and summer sports casual pants young men died flying leg pants closed leg pants beam | M pants tapered feet harem pants tide

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Listing Year season: 2015 Summer
  • Length: trousers
  • Item: 014 071 104
  • Color: black burgundy green gray khaki dark blue
  • Style details: decorative pocket
  • Process: DP processing
  • Brand: VANCARHELL / Vatican Cashin
  • Main material content: Cotton
  • Cotton content: 95%
  • Season: Winter
  • Application scenarios: Other leisure
  • Applicable: Youth
  • Stretch: No bomb
  • Waist type: waist
  • Thickness: General
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Clothing type version: Loose
  • Trousers mouth style: feet
  • Basic style: popular youth
  • Subdivision style: Tide
  • Color: Other
  • Fabric: fine canvas
  • Pattern: Other

Buyer Tips : Pull the pants from the factory finished washing plant to provide you with the most professional washing process to make your pants more perfect!

?? Why Water washing of the benefits on this point will suffice: Enhanced stability through washing can shrink in advance, to make clothing dimensionally stable.

Technology: Japan big john washing process of the invention, that the white garment shape, then washing again,

For the upper body more effective to have a sense of old, not shrinking deformation, the feeling of belonging is more his pants!

Remove the new pants rigid feeling more casual! Do not underestimate this process, why this?

This is a small workshop to draw up, only to get a large factory, a professional chef washing,

I have some experience before they can do water effects make pants more perfect! Compared to some of the so-called necking pants than you think it can?

I do not say anything else, feel it on their own.

The inside of the pants have professional reinforcement edging, each point has a link cable reinforcement to keep the wear of the pants! See specific details, exquisite embroidery special 3M reflective tide to burst table!

This is the high cost of production! You can compare other so-called necking pants to show the details of the image quality! Your own feelings!!!!

My pants are made of high-cost cable exquisite thick line,

Good worker solid technical work (factories are specialized international orders received large yard, not 35 individual small workshop, it was tailor our skilled workers)!

You can compare some necking detailed view at a glance what is good or bad!!!

Why is there a good product negative feedback that we withstood the test of upright only thing we can only guarantee the product quality and the best price. Evil triumphs, praised the quality of the product is still new and old customers satisfied welcome to come back. More summer more new!