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Automatic buckle leather belt without scalp leather belt | men's headless belt without buckle pure brand does not take the lead

Automatic buckle leather belt without scalp leather belt | men's headless belt without buckle pure brand does not take the lead
Product code: 30060000030
Unit price 4.16$
Sold quantity 13260
Available stock 72729

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • Width: 3 cm
  • Style: Belt
  • Main material: two layers of leather
  • Material technology: smooth
  • Body elements: light body
  • Belt buckle style: automatic buckle
  • Popular elements: smooth
  • Style: Business
  • Length: Single turn
  • Applicable Gender: Male
  • Color: Wide 3.0 Dark coffee 'front pressure logo' Wide 3.0 Black 'Back Pressure logo' 'Back Pressure logo' Wide 3.5 Dark coffee wide 3.0 Dark coffee 'Back Pressure logo' 'Back Pressure logo' Wide 3.5 Black ' 'Wide 3.5 deep coffee' front pressure logo 'wide 3.5 black wide 3.0 black' front pressure logo '
  • Size: 110cm 115cm 120cm 125cm 129cm
  • Item: lrt-ds-998
  • Suitable for: young middle-aged and young

'This section has two kinds of printed body with the law: the front printed logo or printed on the back logo, pro-free choice according to their needs!'
'Printed on the front logo: brand logo printed on the front of the tail'
'Tail logo printed on the back: for their buckle is the other brands, so as not to produce two kinds of logo uncoordinated!
'I believe the power of the brand: manufacturers production, quality guaranteed!'
Item: Lrt-ds-998
gender: Men
Material: Peritoneal two-story leather
fashion elements: Simple, smooth, business, leisure, wild
Origin: Guangzhou, China
Width: 3.0Cm, 3.5 cm
length: Reference Length 90 cm 125cm or less (due to the belt is the whole skin cutting, the length of each belt are not the same, if the pro-waist relatively large, Please ask customer service and remarks Waist!)
Discount Reason: Large - scale procurement
------------- 'Zhen Shi Hui belt size table'
Pants (Unit: yard)
30 or less
Waist size
2 feet 4 below
2 feet 4-2 feet 6
2 feet 6-2 feet 8
2 feet 8-3 feet
3 feet -3 feet 2
3 feet 2-3 feet 5
80 cm or less
Belt size (In cm)
Friendly reminder: The principle of taking the length to avoid short, long belt is easy to change short, if you need Long section , Please first ask Customer service to see if there is goods!
Classic lychee lines, clear lines, natural. For most of the buckle on the market.
The card slot uses the polymer material, the sturdiness is more durable.The material is superior, wear-resisting!
Logo brand and strength of the logo, clear and natural, select the brand is to choose quality. Buy is earned.
The tail of the traditional arc design, the atmosphere without publicity, stylish appearance! Fine texture, simple design to show charming charm
Fine quality leather texture, simple design shows charismatic
Texture clear, natural, atmospheric and not publicity, no scalp straps, men belt accessories necessary.
The pure leather belt combines the traditional classic style with the modern fashion, while emphasizing the personal taste and personality, it has the mature and stable.Flexible leather, classic style!

Cut with a pair of scissors section, certainly the real material, certainly smaller than those of the factory to do the belt material is better, the use of material, good with the cost of the band are also to the artificial time to start from the quality.

Look carefully at the fiber layers of our section, thick and durable, and soft.

Each anatomy is a clear understanding of the quality of our products in-kind shooting, quality assured.

'Softness test: knotted into this, still very type! This is the power of the brand!'
'Belt head shot in kind'
'Belt stripe in-kind shooting'
In order to better guarantee the quality of logistics services, the proposed choice of the company's default courier 'Yuantong Express' Yuantong courier can not note the hair 'STO', 'rhyme delivery', 'through courier' need to send 'EMS' and 'SF Express', the need to make up the difference of 12 yuan (make up the difference address: http://2342323.html). No notes, direct hair tact.
The shipping title is '包邮' and the details page shipping is '包邮', only the company's default logistics, other general courier need to make up the difference (specific please ask customer service), EMS and Shunfeng need to make the difference 10 yuan. Area: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas, Tibet, Xinjiang and other remote areas (the amount of compensation please ask customer service).
1. The smell of the belt received very heavy?

answer: Pro, hello, take down from the cow skin is not directly made of a variety of leather, and all need to go through a series of industrial processing can be made into a belt, in the process will use some treatment agent, and thus the skin will The remaining odor features are as follows: '1' Unpack the bag, expose the belt to the air, and after a few days the odor of the treatment agent will become smaller and smaller, leaving only a little taste of natural cowhide. 2 'is also just out of the factory belt, high-quality leather belt smell than the coated side of the treatment of the second layer of leather smell heavier, because the leather fibers more easily between the possession of these odor components, and coated side processing package Layer leather belts smell are sealed inside the belt, and thus smell the smell even smaller! So pro after receiving the belt do not mistakenly believe that this belt is not leather, most of the shop sold are just produced Quality leather belt.

2. Drape the back of the belt phenomenon?
answer: Pro, hello, whole leather cutting of high quality cowhide leather belt back there are two kinds of treatment,