Elviro male red bow tie | Bordeaux pattern of the groom to marry the best man bow tie bow tie

Elviro male red bow tie | Bordeaux pattern of the groom to marry the best man bow tie bow tie

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Pattern: pattern
  • Tie width: common type (7cm-12cm)
  • Texture: Polyester
  • Lining material: Polyester
  • Clothing technology: yarn-dyed
  • Style: Korean
  • Color classification: 1001 Classic red pattern 1002 Classic red wine pattern 1003 Black silver point 1004 Fresh blue lake cashews 1005 Pink elegant pattern 1006 Pink cashew pattern 1007 Pink hibiscus flower 1008 Fresh pink pink flower dot 1009 Pink dot dotted square 1010 Light gray elegant flower 1011 Red wine silver fine point 1012 Wine red dark fine lines 1013 Wine red elegant twill 1014 Pink sweet twill 1015 Champagne gentleman twill 1016 Black wild twill
  • Brand: ELVIRO / Elviro
  • Item No: 6936008115962
  • Packing: gift box

Commitment /Three commitments:

▲ Each bow tie 'gift box + bag' (The same store with the money) Gift more peace of mind!

▲ receipt within seven days Any dissatisfaction, can be Baotui, and bear the freight (by the gift of freight insurance pay Peifu)

▲ real shot pictures Really restore the physical details, accurately describe!


Material knowledge: the density of the tie fabric determines the necklace of the tie and the bow tie of the full play, each of the 1200-pin yarn-dyed fabrics, each use 114 precision dyeing yarn dyeing yarn weaving manufacturing, CNC jacquard weaving ! Hand-stitched.

▲ transportation and packaging: ELVIRO Each team is fully tested after the transport to enhance the corrugated E-type dedicated delivery of goods, safe and reliable.Every single product in the packaging details play well, even the inside of the bagging are up to 6s thick environmental PE film system As we know that: customer service to sell a product, our after-sales service has only just begun. We are more than you pay attention to the process of transport than you may have a series of problems! .

Suggestion /Various suggestions:

▲ Designer recommendations : Pink shirt with wine red, red effect;

Wine red shirt can choose red, pink, champagne, light gray;

Blue jacket + white shirt optional dark blue bow tie.

White shirt, can match any color!