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Silk protein cashmere baby baby baby wool in the fine wool milk cotton line Barbie small cashmere

Silk protein cashmere baby baby baby wool in the fine wool milk cotton line Barbie small cashmere
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2013
  • Brand: flower to capacity
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Wool Material: silk
  • Item: silk protein cashmere
  • Color Classification: 15 Autumn Green 12 Light Blue 17 Coffee 8 Rose Red 38 Blue Green White 13 Lake Blue 4 Chicken Yellow 41 Pink Green Yellow 42 Orange Yellow Brown 22 Powder 37 Yellow Purple Orange 43 Pink 33 Cowboy Blue 32 Crimson 10 Purple 44 Water green 30 pretty yellow 3 meat powder 34 pink 25 water blue 29 shallow meat powder 5 is yellow 19 black
  • Pricing unit: yuan / group
  • Wool thickness: in fine wool

Flowers like a small cashmere silk

Mulberry silk Is silkworm cocoon when the secretion of continuous long fiber, Also known as 'natural silk' Not only the finished product of mulberry silk Soft close , Warm and breathable , But also because of it Green health care Of the characteristics of the human body with a variety of health effects, for baby tender skin, is a good choice.

Silk protein Mainly composed of silk, but also joined the anti-pilling fibers, and wool line To ensure that the product's use of time, while the use of this product intimate Computer flower-shaped Dyeing process, a simple flat knitting can make very beautiful small clothes, pictures of our sample is flat knitting, Intimate mother May wish to try, should be very suitable for your baby ~

Baby brand
Flowers want to accommodate
Baby name
Silk small cashmere
Baby weight
1 two / group
Product ingredients
Mulberry silk, anti-pilling fibers
Wool specifications
Wool in fine wool (diameter of about 1 ~ 1.5 mm)
product features

Using the European standard dyeing process, green

Computer dyeing, flat needle can weave a rich pattern

Weaving recommendations
2.5MM needle crochet 2.5MM is recommended