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Crown Triumph | FANG Li-tzu summer thin section of women's sexy lingerie bra back to adjust the United States to gather bra

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Crown Diane fragrance Li Zi 5520
  • Brand: Crown Dian Dian fragrance Li Zi
  • Réf
  • Color Classification: red 38331 thin section without steel ring color 38331 thin section without rims black 38331 thin section without rims red black color
  • Size 70B 70C 70D 70E 75B 75C 75D 75E 80B 80C 80D 80E 85B 85C 85D 85E 90B 90C 90D 90E 95B 95C 95D 95E
  • Cup style: 3/4
  • Cup thickness: thin mold cup
  • Cup fabric: cotton
  • Cup lining: cotton
  • Flank Fabric: Polyamide
  • Flank lining: nylon
  • Shoulder strap style: removable shoulder strap
  • Hasp row number: after four rows of hasp
  • Insert: sponge pad
  • Whether the steel ring: a steel ring
  • Bra style: U type
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Clothing style details: lace edge
  • Function: Adjustment
  • Applicable season: winter
  • Suitable for: young women
  • Bra style: luxury