Antelope Morning | autumn and winter female thick wool knitted scarf large Japanese sweet wave point lace jacquard shawl

Antelope Morning | autumn and winter female thick wool knitted scarf large Japanese sweet wave point lace jacquard shawl

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Material: Polyester
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Season: spring and winter
  • Gender: Female
  • Color classification: army green, sky blue snow south thing - dark coffee color orange [main] FIG snow south thing - greenish gray coloration yellow Dark khaki Dark gray Deep Purple, Dark blue snow south white matter - pink violet purple snow south thing - red green color red yellow blue brown black transparent wine
  • Scarf Brand: Antelope Morning
  • Product Number: ly9412
  • Style: Scarf / scarves
  • function: to keep warm
  • Applicable objects: Juvenile young middle-aged
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: tassel
  • Pattern: Other
  • Component content: 96% or more

fabric composition: 53.4% ​​+ 46.6% acrylic polyester fiber
Technology: Lace Jacquard / nap Polka Dot
Counter price: --
Product Number: wh412
product name: Seongnam snow thing
Size: 200cm * 62cm (± 5cm including Spike)
Weight: 232 g (± 5g including bags)
Packing: Transparent pp bags
Colour: 4 color into
Washing instructions: With a neutral or slightly acidic detergent (such as Silky detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.), water temperature below 30 degrees, do not bleach, non-exposure, hang dry in the shade, cold ironing.
Tips: Manual measurement, please consider 1-3 centimeters of error into account

The south is warm in winter, snow is fluffy,

People took to the snow in a circle, shoulder will have a layer of fluffy white light. Think about this scenario, the United States will not,

This is the section scarves gave me the first feeling, and now this beauty to share with you.

Jacquard lace, pull Mao Xiaobo point, as a layer on top of the scarf covered with little snow ...

Great design sense of a scarf, color matching is also a sweet, dreamy feeling little girls.

wh412: snow south thing - Grey

Throughout this year's Fashion Week, Fashion conference of major brands, lace always indispensable elements.

The use of lace has also been a very long history -

No matter the style of the imperial regime ladies of the early 19th century, followed by the popular romantic fashion,

Or even later periods Kerry Norlin and barssel women are the lace as an important element in fashion.

This is a lace scarf lace jacquard effect under the proposed process, natural soft, it seems no better than less weaving lace.

And whenever the object with children wave point, there is a very close neighbor temperament,

Picking wave point is infinitely more lovely. With a Scarf and maybe embellished elements, sweet air can not hold a child is the total.

Autumn and winter season wool embrace it in good faith from Every stitch catches close emanated warmth,

And in order to perfect jacquard presentation of selected high density knitting process, product phase better.

In the process of processing wool, the antelope morning and cooperation factories thought the same,

That is to touch the scarf fabric, skin-friendly to do are good, so warm and comfort co-exist,

Thus, there was this soft, warm feel fertile quality fabrics, good insulation.

wh412: snow south thing - Pink

wh412: snow south thing - red

wh412: snow south thing - dark coffee