Leisurely enjoy Broadwood Korean couple cute feather winter outdoor cycling gloves male Ms. warm down thick gloves

Leisurely enjoy Broadwood Korean couple cute feather winter outdoor cycling gloves male Ms. warm down thick gloves

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: Lohoyoso / Broadwood leisurely enjoy
  • Size: L M XL
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Style: Mittens
  • Item No: L-1202
  • Color Classification: elegant silver M (Medium Size) Elegant silver L (large size) Classic gray L (large size) Classic gray XL (XL) Fashion Red L (large size) fashion red M (Medium Size) Cool black XL (XL) cool black L (large size)
  • Texture: Other
  • Category: Women
  • Applicable people: a couple of youth: 20-39-year-olds
  • Press Relations gifts: Friends

Pro, this is a hot 10000More than double Feather gloves Oh, lovely appearance, five thick design, enhanced thermal, Rave reviews!

4.8Minute Comprehensive evaluation is the baby of extraordinary quality proof! This year we have done in the fabric and workmanship further improvements, size fully optimized for three (M, L, XL, see below Size Description), regardless of the pro-big hands or small hands can choose their suitable gloves friends

Due to space limitations, the following evaluation section interception pro impressions:

Again this section gloves feather gloves (baby description at the top of anatomical glove video pro who are interested can watch Oh), glove internal anatomy pictures are taken in kind, each pair of gloves hanging bag filled with white duck down about 28 g. portion of pro say you do not see the reaction down, a total of five layers of gloves, of course, is look outside to see the feather, down in the middle of that layer, gloves only after tapping will become very soft and fluffy.

Cold feather gloves, thick fabrics without fear of harsh outdoor environment! Winter have it no longer cold hands, without hesitation! Buy now very cost-effective

Size Description: This inner glove golden cotton is thick, tight feeling normal circumstances, can achieve better thermal effects at small part of the pro-worn hands recommendation to buy larger ladies lady M size, hands and so on. and in the hands of men like to buy L size (L size most people are able to normal wear). Men's hand is too large, the proposed election XL, length of the upper and lower ends of the gloves to compare, XL length ratio L about 1cm, L ratio M approximately 1cm. on gloves in terms of width ratio L XL width of about 0.5cm, L aspect ratio of M to about 0.5cm.

(Default hair through STO , For EMS and SF please contact customer service make up the difference Oh, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Qinghai Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other remote areas not range, not in the free shipping area pro please contact customer service to modify postage, thank you pro understanding and cooperation)