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Business loose-leaf notebook 6-hole A5 loose-leaf A4B5A6 Notepad Blank box Kraft paper for the core

Business loose-leaf notebook 6-hole A5 loose-leaf A4B5A6 Notepad Blank box Kraft paper for the core
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Kaisitei / Kester A4B5A5A ...
  • Packing: single-loaded
  • Brand: Kaisitei / Kester
  • Type: A4B5A5A6A7 loose-leaf paper
  • B5'-9 hole-horizontal 'B5'-9 hole-blank' B5'- 9 hole-blank 'B5'-hole - blank' A4'-general- A5 '6 hole - horizontal' A5'6 hole - blank 'A5' - 6 hole - blank 'B5'-9 hole - blank' B5'-9 hole - horizontal line (kraft paper) A6 '- 6 hole - horizontal line' A6 '- 6 hole - blank' A6 '- 6 hole - blank' A5'-6 hole - horizontal line (kraft paper) 'A5'-6 hole - blank (kraft paper) A6'-6 hole-horizontal hole 'A7'-6 hole-blank hole' A6'-6 hole-blank hole ' 'A7'-6 hole - horizontal (kraft paper)' A7'-6 hole - blank (kraft paper)
  • Format: A4B5A5A6A7
  • Notepad Category: General Notebook
  • Binding method: Binder binding
  • Cover material: plain paper
  • Style: Business

Product parameters:

Specifications: A4, B5, A5, A6, A7 (large → small)

Color: Dowling paper (white paper), kraft paper (khaki)

Size: A4 (11-hole multi-purpose hole, suitable for A4 2-hole clip, 3-hole clip, 4-hole clip): 295 * 210mm

B5 (9 holes): 258 * 176 mm

A5 (6 holes): 210 * 142 mm

A6 (6 holes): 172 * 95mm

A7 (6 holes): 128 * 82mm

Packing: 80 sheets of Dowling paper, 100 pieces of kraft paper

Advantages: in line with environmental standards, good quality, thick

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Dowling paper 80 sheets / copy kraft paper 100 sheets / copies

100g high-quality beige thick Houlin paper

Beige to protect eyesight, writing fluency, good water absorption

(Note the market is often seen is 70-80g of ordinary paper,

So compared to this, because we use this high-quality raw materials, thick paper, writing smooth, non-seepage, Better quality, in line with environmental standards! )

A4 B5 A5 A6 A7 Binder for International Standards

This section B5 is 9 holes, A5 is 6 holes,

Need B5-26 holes, A5-20 holes of the loose-leaf pro, click on the link to buy:

Material: 100g high-quality refined pure wood pulp kraft paper

Model: A5, A6

Size: A5 Specifications: L * W * H: 21 * 14.2 * 1.5cm

A6 Specifications: L * W * H: 17.5 * 9.5 * 1.5cm

Number of pages: 100 sheets

Usage: free painting, graffiti, forms, hand-painted sketches, design materials, abstracts, DIY

Kraft paper: a long retention time, toughness, not torn, tough texture, bursting, tearing high, high water resistance, thickness, tightness, anti-ink divergence is very good, ancient charm, simple elegance, writing Smooth, environmental protection does not hurt the eyes, very popular!

Grid Usage: also known as coordinates, can be used to design drawings, drawing tables, mathematical calculations, can also be used with the nature Graffiti, writing alignment, application is very extensive,

In Europe and the United States, the grid usage is very high.

The checkerboard is where you can play, and you can make your drawings,

Any IDEA creative, drawing, recording, MEMO, completely free from table restrictions

Specifications: 5 * 5mm

A7: 13 * 22 cells A6: 15 * 31 cells A5: 24 * 36 cells

B5: 31 * 46 cells A4: 39 * 52 cells

Paper is very good, writing feel very comfortable

Soft light beige, printing clear and concise, cutting accurate

Good toughness, high stiffness, moderate water absorption

Let the pen writing into a kind of enjoyment

Pure cross-core, Chinese characters written line spacing more appropriate

Beige blank page can be used for DIY print graffiti free play space