Short hair | real hair | in the elderly mother wig | short hair | women

Short hair | real hair | in the elderly mother wig | short hair | women

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: oneNonly / only Iraq 8001
  • Brand: oneNonly / CD Iraq
  • Wigs single product: 8001
  • (Anti-bacterial network) Chestnut black / hand-woven real hair (anti-bacterial network) natural black / all hand woven real hair (anti-bacterial network) light brown / Antibacterial net) light brown / aseptic net dark wine red / sterile net chestnut black / sterile net
  • Suitable for: middle-aged women
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wig Liu Category: oblique bangs
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Hair
  • Style: Business / OL

Baby information PRODUCT

Brand: Only Iraq
Item: 8001
Colour : Dark Burgundy (Main Color)
Material: Real hair mixed
Length: Front: 19 rear: 27 side: 24 (± 3 cm)
Intranet: Anti-allergy anti-bacterial network
Style: Short curls
unique design DESIGN
Stylish short hair texture design, capable of short hair, mature temperament, skin-friendly comfortable sideburns, natural supple feel.
Index Reference REFERENCE
Straight hair curls BOBO Pear
Volume degree

Large volume Volumes Micro-volume Straight hair
Longer In the long Moderate short

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