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Makeup Cotton | Non-Woven | Cleansing Cotton / Beauty Cotton | 50pcs |

Makeup Cotton | Non-Woven | Cleansing Cotton / Beauty Cotton | 50pcs |
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Product parameters:

  • Beauty Tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: cotton pad
  • Beauty tools varieties: cotton
  • Brand: MAGGIER / Maggie children
  • Makeup / beauty tools a single product: cotton

Maggie children cotton pad
Brand: Maggie children
specification: 50 tablets
Counter price: 18 yuan (Our price 4.9Yuan / legislation provinces 13.1yuan)
texture: Pure natural cotton fiber
Origin: China
Shelf life: 3 years
The main effect: Clean and moisturize the skin
Treasurer said: This product is made of natural cotton fiber, with ultra-thin lightweight features and strong water release force, as long as a little make-up water, you can fully nourish your skin, but also save the use of make-up water!
Made of pure natural cotton fiber
· Suitable for all skin types
1, easy to control the amount of lotion is very convenient.
2, sustained release make-up water, the whole face of the skin can be equitably assigned to the same component.
3, wipe action can take away old waste cell table, a slight exfoliating effect.
4, even the nose so that the corners are rubbed.
5, can be wiped very evenly, the skin table has Pianguaqiu, cotton pad to fill the bump.

Suitable for makeup, remover use, remove the cream, lip oil, nail polish and other makeup remnants.
It is soft and delicate, soft touch, easy to wipe the face, easy to produce cotton .Ultraviolet disinfection, reliable quality, hygienic and clean.Apply for makeup, remover, wipe the cream, lip oil, nail polish and other make-up remnants, 1-2 tablets, arbitrary, convenient economy.