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Super stealth eyelid stickers 480 pairs 960 | not blooming | black eyeliner stickers | sweatband

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This Baby Size Wide models: about 2.5cm wide 0.4cm Fine paragraph: about 2.5cm wide 0.2cm Purchase of all buyers, please carefully select which tight. If the two tip at the end of a little patch with eyeliner, the effect will be better, more beautiful eyes Variety charm to create smoky makeup, unique black eyelid paste Belong to you This product is used in Japan imported medical grade plastic material of high permeability paste, you can often use the eye and soft and not hurt the skin and cause allergies, forming one plant, transparency naturally, not falling, makeup or eyelid when the eye for decorative use! Already Please use the bacteria to feel at ease. Step particularly simple: 1. tweezers or eyelid paste a special auxiliary rods removed eyeliner stickers / eyelid stickers 2. In accordance with the curvature of the eye type directly on stickers affixed to the root of the lashes 3. Painted with eyeliner or pencil on the inner eyelid eyelid, do not grin 4. Use eyeliner or eyeliner painted meticulous eye head and eye end 5. In order to make the effect more natural three-dimensional, brush on mascara, and personal habits and preferences in accordance with stick on false eyelashes, you're done. If you buy back enough after eyelid stickers that meets your eye type or feel a little rough some can picture the method according to trim Oh! Instructions: The need utensils ready, you need side mirror can stand on its own desktop, posted before you clean the eyelids, can not be painted on the eyelids contain Lipid milk or cream, wash your hands, ready to begin. Up to a stick repeatedly tried posted a 2,3 times, it has been torn and sticky paste, then naturally poor, no matter how good things can not withstand such a test, so do not doubt my Veg viscous. 1. Please use two hands affixed, of course, if you're skilled, then a hand can. 2. Fork with Y-set about the need to paste the location, no Y-fork can substitute other things so as not to hurt yourself principle. (Eyelids heavy people than the position should not be set too high) 3. In accordance with the position it has just given an eyelid stickers come out, tear gum, a little later from the eye position starting paste, paste with your fingers when holding down the start bit.
The side of the stick side gently pull back, then eyelids feel a little wrinkled, not the fiber of the kind of Rafah, according to the kind of Rafah fiber, it is easy to break! In the case of stickers gently pull no deformation .
In accordance with this action until the end of eye affixed to the end of Completion