True False meatball head hair | Wig contract | real hair fluffy bud head | curls package Hepburn bride wig packet header

True False meatball head hair | Wig contract | real hair fluffy bud head | curls package Hepburn bride wig packet header

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Excellent odd curls Employer
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Brand: excellent Qi
  • A single product: hair Employer
  • Color Classification: classic curls bag - natural black hair classic bag - dark brown classic curls bag - light brown

Product Name: Classic curls package

Employer Diameter: 15cm (error ± 2cm, ps:! This contract has no size numbers, but flexible, can adjust the size of their own to take care of it is the greater the more fluffy)

Baby Weight: 24g around

Hair material: 100% real hair hair

Available colors: natural black dark brown light brown


Models show (Model wearing a dark brown)

Not Han Guoguan network picture Oh!

Are their own kind shooting, do not Pirates of the map!

We use real hair is imported, true color, hair texture good Breathable, do not worry about the summer will be hot Bian himself was used, Wear out really good friends say it!

This ball is Hundred percent Real hair Oh!

(Real hair degreasing disinfection when there are some hair will fade into white hair if you get there is so little hair pulled like oh very mind pro carefully shot Oh ~ ~)

Our simulation sterile mesh networks is high, there will be no allergic reactions Ha!

Student, interview, office workers temperament overflowing!

Bag looks elegant in the curls with a lovely, simple yet able, not only to get high marks in temperament, but also make people feel very warm. Whether you are a career OL was a student, it is your best choice for essential ! make you a goddess workplace, school popularity goddess!

Dating, blind instantly enhance goodwill,

Blind dating is not always for the hair to worry about it? Every date has to give TA a surprise brains? Secret weapon coming! Wig can not only make you an instant transformation, but also to meet the first blind date to enhance goodwill. quickly captured his heart!

If the parent does not like too messy way - you can sort out according to the following method! Volume will become more regular thing!

1: Upon receipt of contract contract no shape claws first contract comb!
2: Strands of hair from the corner to come up with a dozen circle along the ring to fight hair Oh!
3: After four weeks curly roll, roll up the middle should Oh, such a pretty hair like a bud.

this Employer section Take care of simple, suitable for beginners! A school will really oh ~

7 days no reason to package returned, eliminating all your worries!

(Old maps, not how to take care of natural black opening effect)

There are many excellent home odd shaped balls, like straight hair balls kids can click on the following link:

Demo models wearing styles

1: first try to tie up her hair tied high little!!

2: fixed small tweeted

3: Open the contract, the inside of small steel card into his hair!

4: then adjust to the contract after the whole set up, tighten the muzzle pig!

5: There are adjustable elastic drawstring stretch, hold the black pig Nose, according to their own comfort to adjust the tension on their own. After the extra point and then looped a rope stuffed into hair bag, Finally, with the clutch a little bit of hair, make him a little fluffy. Such a lovely ball head to complete it!

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