ARDELL buy 5 get glue | US Yi Daier false eyelashes real hair 120 DEMI weed messy

ARDELL buy 5 get glue | US Yi Daier false eyelashes real hair 120 DEMI weed messy

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • False eyelashes / utensils classification: the entire pair of false eyelashes
  • False eyelashes Terrier Category: Plastic transparent Terrier
  • Style false eyelashes: Natural slim models
  • False eyelashes material: real hair
  • False eyelashes length: 1cm (including) -1.5cm (free)
  • Brand: ARDELL
  • False eyelashes / false eyelashes tool a single product: Yi Daier 120DEMI
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Origin: Other / other

Buy 5 get ELELES genuine glue Date: June 7, 2016 - August 31, 2016
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US officials know Netcom then, after the new 120DEMI will put DEMI removed directly to 120, Notice is hereby Oh, there are multiple versions of the 120, a mess, a chaotic, a less chaotic, sweat. Random delivery to what hair Oh, if there is a particular interest in the girl, please consult customer service if you want to have money in order to avoid unnecessary losses, thank you

ARDELL there are a variety of packaging color, please note that the United States sent what package, what we give pro sent packing, we can not control Oh, please understand

[Baby Name] American Ardell Yi Daier false eyelashes

[Model] ★ charm electric eye false eyelashes No.120 DEMI

[ Colour: Black

Packing: as photo (this brand packaging often replaced, subject to model the time of purchase, this updated each time the page is no longer physical packaging photo)

[Baby texture] real hair, sterilized

[Baby features]
The No.120 Demi false eyelashes, are of a very thick curly eyelashes length is longer than the general nature of many models, a special crossover style design,

Create a more like Jolin like electric eye charm, you want to become the focus of public attention, be sure to try this yo!

Usage (map mainly for novice MM, MM of course, has its own set hee.): First, the first folder will pick up the original eyelashes eyelashes, can be divided into front, middle and rear section 3 gradually folder Alice eyelashes using black eyeliner. pen paint inside the liner, so that the inside of the lashes no trace of a blank gap, so that even if the elevation rise makeup is impeccable. also depicted on the use of eyeliner eyeliner, but should be fine brushwork and as close to the lash roots, it will give the eye contour more highlights are natural and complete.

Wear false eyelashes false eyelashes key to success lies in the fit for rookie MM, faced with a whole row of false eyelashes, preferably six to seven knife cut into pinch a pinch, it can greatly reduce the risk of failure .

Can master the whole stick. When you want to paste the entire length to contrast their own eyes trimmed to the appropriate length.

Next, squeeze the eyelash glue on the back of the hand, a pinch picked up with tweezers false eyelash glue stick. (Preferably every false eyelashes stick pinch pinch wear, not all at once glue stick, otherwise the glue dries)
While wearing false eyelashes first rough considered a good location, and short in front, long after calculation position to be precise, or easy two asymmetric! Next, pinch a handful of false eyelashes ubiquitous ball,
Order with people's habits, however, usually by the end of eye to eye head stick better control position.

brand introduction

The ARDELL Brand incorporates many popular lines including the well known and extensive line of Fashion Lashes, Duralash (Flare, Naturals, Regular, Mini) Individual Eyelashes, ELEGANT glitter faux eyelashes, ULTRA Lashes, Runway Lashes, Wild Lashes, InvisiBands & LashLites lashes, LASH EXTENSION kits, Ardell Little BLACK Dress, false eyelash adhesives, and lash accessories.

From the United States ARDELL Yi Daier false eyelashes from 1972 onwards has been the history of thirty-six years in the US market share of more than 80% and MAC, Shu Uemura same quality, the price is affordable, and this is ARDELL in the US market so popular secret.

Ardell false eyelashes Features:
Ardell false eyelashes is through sterilization real hair treated by the system. Pruning made by pure hand-woven owns the world's few MAC false eyelashes and the same production process. Matched with transparent soft tensile ultrafine plastic base, Ardell false eyelashes is indeed in the high-end products.
Eyelash use of materials:
General domestic use false eyelashes most are man-made nylon material nylon material false eyelashes or it is not too thick or too thin. Usually colors are black, not natural. Material is not too soft or too hard. Gloss difficult to achieve realism. that makes one look very fake.
Ardell false eyelashes completely different. Real hair used to make fake lashes in thickness, the big advantage luster, softness. Entirely with their own eyelashes seamless, so as to achieve real results. More importantly, Ardell false eyelashes these advantages, so that everyone in the use of time, do not need the fake hair and then coated with a layer of mascara to conceal the flaws general nylon false eyelashes. This greatly improves the repeated usage of false eyelashes. improves price (per pair Ardell false eyelashes can generally be used repeatedly for about 20 to 30 times).
2. The base material used:
General domestic false eyelashes are made from black nylon base. The disadvantage is relatively hard, can not get a good fit with the curvature of the eye. The eye is more likely to cause discomfort and false eyelashes eye end of eye cocked head off. also in the picture when the black life makeup base will look very unnatural.
Ardell false eyelashes base is the use of special ultra-fine plastic soft tensile strength of steel. Curvature of the eye completely fit, wear more comfortable, will not cause false eyelashes eye end of eye cocked head off embarrassing situation occur.

Use of time: natural hair made of reusable month