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ARDELL United States Ai Daier false eyelashes live hair 120 DEMI messy weeds

ARDELL United States Ai Daier false eyelashes live hair 120 DEMI messy weeds
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Product parameters:

  • False eyelashes / utensils classification: the whole deputy false eyelashes
  • False eyelash stalk Category: plastic transparent stems
  • False eyelashes style: natural long section
  • False eyelashes Material: real hair
  • False eyelash length: 1cm (including) -1.5cm (not included)
  • Brand: ARDELL
  • False eyelashes / false eyelashes tools a single product: Aidaier 120DEMI
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Origin: Other

Then the new 120DEMI will remove the DEMI, directly to 120, is hereby informed that the 120, there are multiple versions, a messy, a more chaotic, a relatively chaotic, Khan. , To what what Oh, if there is a special interest in the girl, please consult customer service whether you want to, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, thank you

ARDELL has a variety of packaging colors, please note that the United States sent to what packaging, we give parents who made what packaging, we can not control Oh, please understand

'Baby Name' United States Ardell Eyre Off false eyelashes

'Model' electric eye charm ★ false eyelashes No.120 DEMI

' Colour: Black

Packaging: If the photo (this brand of packaging is often replaced, the time of purchase, please prevail, this page is no longer updated every time physical packaging photos)

'Baby texture' real hair, has been sterilized

'Baby Features'
This No.120 Demi false eyelashes, are very thick curl, eyelashes longer than the average length of many natural, special cross-style design,

More like Jolin Tsai like to create the charm of the electric eye, you want to become the focus of attention, be sure to try this yo!

First of all, with the eyelash curler to the original eyelash folder, can be divided into before, during and after the 3-step folder eyelashes step by step.Use black eyeliner.Easy to use the eyelash curler, Pen to depict the inner liner, so that the inside of the eyelashes without a trace of white gap, so even if the elevation of the eye makeup is also impeccable elevation, the same use eyeliner depict the upper eyeliner, but the brush to be fine and as close to the eyelashes roots, so that the eye contour But also by natural highlights and integrity.

False eyelashes of the success or failure lies in the fit of false eyelashes, for rookie MM, encountered a row of false eyelashes, the best cut six to seven knives into a pinch of a handful of, can greatly reduce the risk of failure .

The master can be the whole stickers. When the whole paste to compare the length of their eyes to trim to the appropriate length.

Then, the eyelash glue squeeze in the back of the hand, with a pair of tweezers folder false false eyelashes glue. (False eyelashes is best to wear a handful of dip each dip, do not all glue all the time, otherwise the glue will become dry)
In the false eyelashes when you first want to be roughly considered a good location, and the short of the former, long in the post-position calculation to be accurate, or easy to asymmetry! Then, a handful of false eyelashes will wear,
Order with the people's habits, however, usually from the end of eye to eye head sticky better control position.

brand introduction

The ARDELL Brand incorporates many popular lines including the well known and extensive line of Fashion Lashes, Duralash (Flare, Naturals, Regular, Mini) Individual Eyelashes, ELEGANT glitter faux eyelashes, ULTRA Lashes, Runway Lashes, Wild Lashes, InvisiBands & LashLites lashes, LASH EXTENSION kits, Ardell Little BLACK Dress, false eyelash adhesives, and lash accessories.

Since the United States ARDELL Eyeliner eyelashes since 1972 has been thirty-six years in the US market share of more than 80%, and MAC, Shu Uemura the same quality, the price is a lot of benefits, which is ARDELL in the US market so popular secret.

Ardell false eyelashes features:
Ardell false eyelashes are sterilized and treated with real human hair and made of pure hand-woven pruning .With the world's few MAC false eyelashes and the same production process. Coupled with transparent soft tensile strength Of the ultra-fine plastic base, Ardell is indeed false eyelashes in the high-end products.
1. The use of eyelash material:
Most of the domestic false eyelashes are made of artificial nylon material. Made of nylon materials, false eyelashes are either too thick or too small. General color is very dark, not natural.Material is not too soft or too hard. It is difficult to achieve realistic results.
Ardell's false eyelashes are completely different. The use of real hair, so that false eyelashes in the thickness, gloss, softness on the edge. Completely with their own eyelashes seamless, so as to achieve real effect.More importantly, Ardell false eyelashes Of these advantages, so that when you use, do not have to wear a layer of false hair on the mascara to cover the general nylon false eyelashes of those defects, which greatly improve the false eyelashes repeated use rate. Cost-effective (each pair of false eyelashes Ardell can generally be used repeatedly about 20 to 30 times).
2. Use of the base material:
General domestic false eyelashes are made of black nylon base. The drawback is relatively hard, can not be very good with the eye radian fit. More likely to cause eye discomfort and false eyelashes eye head tail tail tilt off. But also in the life of the painting when the base of the black makeup will appear to be very unnatural.
Ardell false eyelashes at the base is the use of special soft tensile strength made of ultra-fine plastic. Can be fully curved with the eye fit, wear more comfortable, but will not cause false eyelashes eyelid eye tail tilt off the embarrassing situation occur.

Use time: natural hair, can be reused for a month