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10 | double-sided double-fold stickers sticky | invisible double-sided adhesive 2mm 22 | white narrow

10 | double-sided double-fold stickers sticky | invisible double-sided adhesive 2mm 22 | white narrow
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Product parameters:

  • Double eyelid Product Category: double eyelid fiber tape
  • Brand: Loveme Rights
  • Name: 2mm double eyelid paste
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • made in China

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Brand South Korea bulk import authorization loveme domestic sub-packaging
name South Korea imported invisible double-sided double-paste in bulk
package Bags Market price Counter price 5Yuan loveme 2yuan
texture Medical imports double-sided adhesive Shelf life

Five years


Small size (1 plate 22 affixed to 11 pairs) as far as possible: 25mm * 2mm

The main effect

The introduction of foreign technology to produce superior, natural and invisible breathable products, a number of Taiwanese people use this invisible double-sided adhesive, get wide-range star recognition and praise.

high recommended Supernatural (campus crush favorite), for single fold or double crush is particularly natural, to increase the depth of eyes, suitable for bare makeup use, it is recommended to some of the more subtle novice crush
Suitable for the crowd

Applicable age: men and women apply / suitable for more than 5 years of age

For skin: suitable for neutral, mixed, oily skin

Applicable to the crowd: within the double. Single and double. Single eyelid. Eyelids thick. Eyelid drooping. Eyelid meat.

product description This section of the invisible double-sided double-fold paste for the transparent invisible paste, and your skin color allows, sticky super / waterproof / stealth / and not reflective

Before use to maintain eye skin in a clean state, remove the eyelids when the use of auxiliary fork tail, and then put on the eye, remove the outer white paper, and then along the eye arc full paste, forming a beautiful curvature, I wish you success.