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The new middle - aged wig short - haired short - haired women | breathable real hair wig wig

The new middle - aged wig short - haired short - haired women | breathable real hair wig wig
Product code: 29771400030
Unit price 14.39-49.41$
Sold quantity 9926
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Rose Rain
  • Brand: Rose Rain
  • Wigs single product: 314
  • (Black) 2 natural black wig (map color) 4 natural black wig 4 + stent top heart hand-woven (to send stent) natural black wig (send stent) health black wig (general black) 2 natural black wig (Black) + black brown hair (support) health black wigs (general black) + stent dark brown wigs new top heart hand-woven natural black really send stent top hand woven deep brown dark brown hair (send support)
  • Suitable for: middle-aged women
  • Hair material: room temperature silk
  • Wig Liu Category: oblique bangs
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Hair
  • Style: Business / OL
  • Efficacy: cover hair, less hair.
  • Cosmetics features: to send her mother, to send health.

Brand Rose rain
Item 6044
Style Short curls
Colour Healthy black, natural black, dark brown
length Before long after 10CM 24CM
Material 90 yuan is 299 yuan Kanunanlun is the real hair
Intranet Breathable mesh design
Suitable for face: suitable for most face
Longer In the long Moderate short hair
Volume degree
Large volume Volumes Micro-volume Straight hair
curls Straight hair Pear Bobo
side fringe Qi Liu Oblique broken Qi broken

Short curls fluffy messy. Short hair will become a major bright spot, especially fluffy short hair, looks very stylish.

Note: kind of natural black shot; are code, size can be adjusted

Cikuan hairstyle, comb more about what will look straight, slightly scratch the hand will appear to point, according to their own like to take care of hair

Please take a look at the real hair color card!

Real hair care grasping comb.