Ying Qi wig really made cauda equina wig female magic stick real long hair then wig false piece ponytail wig

Ying Qi wig really made cauda equina wig female magic stick real long hair then wig false piece ponytail wig

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Ying Qi wigs 131030
  • Brand: Ying Qi wig
  • Wigs single product: 131030
  • Color Classification: Straight Black 80g Bandage Straight Black Black 100g Bandage Straight Black Black 80g Velcro Straight Black 100g Velcro Straight Brown 80g Velcro Straight Brown 100g Velcro 45cm50g Tied Horsetail Brown 45cm50g Bundled Horse Black Curls 80g Black Curls 100g Black Curls 80g Brown Curls 100g Brown Straight Brown 80g Bundled Straight Brown 100g Bundled Straight Straight 80g Velcro Dark Brown Supergood Korean Gradient New To Straight Hair 100g Velcro Deep Brown special for 65cm natural black special for 65cm deep brown special for 65cm light brown straight black 80g strap type - scheduled 10 days delivery straight black 100g strap type - scheduled 10 days delivery
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Efficacy: replacement
  • Cosmetics features: replacement

Weight: 50g, 80g, 100g Length: 50-55cm
Ingredients: real hair

Is to gradually change color, the basic 2T and 3T, there are good to go, we first on the 2-color bar, full simulation of the real evolution of the rhythm, it is the same color, Very realistic to say ~

The second is to bring you a experience section, 45cm, 50g of the light section, with the traditional tied horsetail, pocket, Non-magic We can paste according to their needs to buy Oh, we have any suggestions can tell us, no we can not do oh ~ ~


We have not done hair syrup ion hot treatment, washing can be added after the power splint shape, or you can go to the barber shop to do a permanent effect of ion hot Oh

On the shape can be washed before we help a customer to take care of the time

If you do not want to take care of customers, shop can recommend you to do ion hot, the price of 38 yuan to ensure quality, 1-2 days delivery, you can also help dye hot, you can help you dye, the specific price can consult customer service, You can buy a satisfactory hair, Mody Mody

Afraid of wearing a horse tail is not strong?

How can it be

Mother no longer have to worry about my hair ~

Before wearing the first fork must be inserted into the rubber band at the hair,

And then wear it will be very solid it!

In the subsequent delivery process, we will be accompanied by a U-clip version (20)

So no matter dancing, fitness do not have to worry about slightly ~

Physical presence DETAIL

South Korea's new gradient color horsetail

Recently, gradually changing hair color in the hair to play all kinds of magic, from the big names in Europe and America to the domestic star artists , And then to the development of fashion around the world of people, everyone is trying to give their hair to do the gradient hair color of the article, looks out of the ordinary.

Ying Qi launched the real hair gradient horsetail, hair soft silky, natural color transition, so simple and fresh horsetail shape can also increase the fashion element, giving the feeling of shines.


Details of the new pocket ponytail display

Buyers to buy a light brown

Dark brown buyer show