Special US Square Bai wig | Girls Long | Korean repair face | Liu Qi wig pear head involution

 Special US Square Bai wig | Girls Long | Korean repair face | Liu Qi wig pear head involution

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: US Square Bai wig long straight hair CZ660 ...
  • Brand: Bai Mei Square
  • A single product: wig long straight hair CZ6608
  • Color Classification: Dark yellow brown linen tea light brown caramel color orange honey brown brown flax [Extended Edition] [Extended Edition] dark brown [Extended Edition] [Extended Edition] tea light brown caramel dark brown, dark brown + 5 sets +5 sets of deep yellow flax +5 sets light brown caramel +5 +5 sets tea sets of brown flax [Extended Edition] [Extended Edition] sets +5 +5 sets of dark brown tea light [Extended Edition] brown +5 +5 caramel pieces [Extended Edition] sets
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair Material: High temperature wire
  • Wig bangs Category: Qi Liu
  • Wig hairstyle: long straight hair
  • Style: sweet and lovely
  • Effects: change the hair style
  • Cosmetic Features: Hair styling

2015 hottest star of the same paragraph!

Buckle pear head and long straight hair!>

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Recently, some pro reflect wig has deformed, in fact, with a steel comb care solution and is completely out of care, as long as the spray a little care solution, according to the volume of the picture look like a comb, First purchase a wig Wujiantao pro recommend selecting the option If there are parents who can also handle plywood oh, temperature controlled at 120 ° it

MODEL / models show - deep flaxen

Bai Mei Fang signed model real shot, because the camera and display reason, there will be a slight color difference

The actual length wig Qi clavicle, the following figure shows is hanging over her shoulders,

So some length not fully demonstrated,

Please parents who prevail in kind, mind pro carefully shot yo

This paragraph now start showing the latest long-wheelbase yo!

Long hair 50CM, new color brown linen

Below is Bai Extreme Member sara purchased this subsection lengthened straight hair fake model real shot pictures

It is used with clothes, and now we have to show for all to see yo ~
Most of the hair is combed sara went to leave behind the model
But modeling is also really very beautiful yo! - Flax brown