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Skin-specific glue MITY-TITE wigs scalp skin beard eyebrows eyelashes breast false breast imports

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Romantic Angel RL-7007
  • Brand: Romantic Angel
  • Wigs single product: RL-7007
  • Efficacy: skin specific
  • Cosmetics features: Waterproof and sweatproof




Acrylic Adhesive, A proprietary blend of Isopropanol, Ethyl Acetate, Heptane, Toluene

Capacity: 4ml

Moisture Resitant
Lab Tested Safe

  • Apply to both sides
  • Close cap tightly
  • Do not breathe fumes
  • Store below 90F
  • Test on small area before use
  • Hold Time: 1 ~ 7 days

US MITY-TITE daily skin-specific glue (4ml sub-installed version)

Ingredients : Acrylic resin Isopropyl alcohol Ethyl acetate Heptane Toluene
capacity : 4 ml

Can be waterproof, has passed the skin safety test, flammable

  • Apply glue on both sides where adhesion is required
  • Wait 2 to 3 minutes, the two sides to be bonded with a wet towel pressed for about 1 minute
  • Close the bottle cap after use
  • This product in the volatile to be dry, a little irritating odor, so do not sniff for a long time
  • 33 degrees (90 degrees Fahrenheit) the following cool place
  • Before use, the first test in a small piece of skin safety!
  • Do not use on damaged skin, do not enter the nose and mouth
  • Glue paste time: 1 to 7 days

This glue is strong, in order to facilitate the parents who remove, clean glue residue, is specially provided this section of glue cleaning fluid, in the glue smear area using this cleaning solution, etc. 2 minutes, the glue can easily open, the use of ordinary washing Supplies (such as shower gel, hand sanitizer) can be easily removed glue,

Note: Hong Kong, Macao and overseas buyers, the liquid is not made.

Because this glue is alcohol glue, there are some pro in the use of the process, the reaction has a little tingling, it is now available Safe Grip - the new non-stimulating latex , Can effectively reduce the pro-skin irritation, but also contain antimicrobial formula, long paste, you can reduce the skin itching symptoms, it is strongly recommended,