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U-shaped nail hair small nano seamless hair | real hair bundle | 100% real hair

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Kanis nano nail hair and hair
  • Brand: Kanisi
  • Wigs single product: nano nail hair
  • Color classification: original hair 50cm long / 40 g / 80 high quality hair 70cm long / 40 g / 80 original hair 60cm long / 40 g / 80 quality hair 60cm long / 40 g / 80 hair quality hair 50cm long / 40 grams / 80 root Hair growth 70cm long / 40 grams / 80 high quality hair 80cm long / 40 grams / 80 dark brown dark gray dark blue dark purple sky blue violet other
  • Hair material: real hair

Solemn reminder: We all send and receive can be faded to 9 degrees color, you can dye any color, some C shop small sellers, To only fade to 6 degrees, fade is not complete, color is not uniform, color can not dye the poor quality of the poor hair posing as our high-quality hair and super virgin hair, we must polish eyes, do not greedy petty losses Fake goods. Please rational shopping.

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