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True hair leave bangs invisible wig hair piece Liu bang | a knife Qi bangs real hair hair flat Liu Liu oblique K02

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Kelix K02
  • Brand: can be silk
  • Wigs single product: K02
  • Color classification: dark brown black brown close to the black mind carefully shot natural black hand-woven process Qi Liu dark brown hand-woven process Qi Liu natural black hand-woven process Qi Liuhai light brown hand-woven process oblique Liuhai natural black hand-woven process oblique Liuhai dark brown Handmade process oblique Liuhai light brown
  • Category: Qi Liu
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Efficacy: Liu Haifa film
  • Cosmetic features: flat bangs

High-end quality in-kind photo Material: 100% quality real hair can be free to dye

Hair length: 14CM or so

Can mix and match, their hair and Liu Hai color is not the same with the effect is also very characteristic
Product upgrades more realistic and more natural

Special note: If you buy back to dye the lighter color is best to choose dark brown, black and black brown is not good light-colored

Buyers must see:Really made to do when the need for uniform dyeing, it is inevitable that there are several resistance to white hair is not infected, because it will encounter resistance to white hair color is very difficult, so a few white hair is not easy to avoid their own hand That a few white hair pull on OK, bangs and your own hair color may not be exactly the same, and their hair color a little color effect is also very good to see.

Care methods: the use of good quality shampoo and conditioner, usually you can use the point of care to keep the hair supple, the hair conditioner must be retained in the hair for more than 5 minutes so that hair can be more supple, do not put conditioner Rush too feel, keep a little better

The characteristics of the hair can be dyed / hot / wash / blow / electric roll shape, you can shape, the effect and their hair exactly the same

Http://v.ku6.com/show/3u3Yf9zLdArvrEta2eYdjw...html Wear bang's way to copy the URL to see how to wear the video

Special Note: This section of the bangs are 100% true hair production, washing will appear deformed or not straight, the treatment method is to use the power of relatively large hair dryer to wear the hair straight hair blowing straight hair splint can also be done, Side must be to use the hair dryer to blow the formation of Oh, if you can not handle to the barber shop to hair style, the shop deal is a few dollars can be, and soon can handle very well. , And make clothes straight shop can shop, the effect soon, it is clear!

100% real hair along the hair and then selected, after each disinfection! Is not a small workshop to do the kind of block processing

When you wear a card can be, do not need to hair soft hair natural hair

The following is a real picture provided by the buyer, for your reference, peer please do not Pirates of the map, or will be investigated!

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