Pu Xin | Detector | Bank dedicated | Small portable | 2016 new Renminbi Currency Counter intelligence test

Pu Xin | Detector | Bank dedicated | Small portable | 2016 new Renminbi Currency Counter intelligence test

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Pu Xin JBY-D-X6088 (C)
  • Level: C Class
  • Color Classification: Silver Rose
  • Brand: Xin Pu
  • Model: JBY-D-X6088 (C)

(Support for the new currency, USB upgrade)

Factory overtime production, after delivery, rush orders do not shoot !!!

Shipping Notices

This paragraph cash registers intelligent national standards for Class C Counting super-fast, and can support different denominations of currency names mixed point cumulative function, super practical, as the shop explosion models,Class C has been so cash registers lowest price free shipping 458 parts of the sale, regardless of any time they could not cut, as it has been a loss of Therefore there is a need for this pro do not hesitate, buy early delivery. At the same time, the shop class B cash registers for the next line to celebrate the new plant into operation, the whole network lowest price, look forward to your visit, please consult customer service !

Parents who pay attention, the latest batch of factory products due to technological improvements, the design of the LCD display is updated to the present; silver and pink two parents who can consult customer service before purchasing related matters, to change good for you service!

Pro, please take three minutes the patience to read the buyer you have to know the secret

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