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Loveme Brand | Ultra Wide Angle Curl Type Eyelash Curler | Inside 1 Gasket | Super Eyelash Curler

Loveme Brand | Ultra Wide Angle Curl Type Eyelash Curler | Inside 1 Gasket | Super Eyelash Curler
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Loveme Rights
  • Name: eyelash curler

Loveme recommended degree

highly recommended

name Metal eyelash curler
Origin American Design
Made in China
specification One
texture metal Shelf life Two years in July 2015 production
Description of appearance There is a box, no plastic, with a replacement tape
The main effect Bend angle design, suitable for all the shape of the eyes, big eyes easily formed.
Suitable for the crowd

All skin types are suitable

Loveme said

Easy to use eyelash curler, the owner strongly recommend MM!
MM owner also used a number of eyelash curler, it only used smoothly, the effect is good.It can be a good fit of the arc of the eye, the owner MM is within the double, with this do not have to pick up the eyelids, direct clip, eyelashes Not only the owner MM, almost bought the eyelash curler buyers and the owner will say MM, the eyelash curler is very easy to use, the folder is very Alice!

product description

This innovative eyelash curler has a special bending angle design, suitable for all eye shapes. It's silicone rubber pad with the right amount of natural curling eyelashes pressure. Eyelash curler everywhere reflect the product design professional and humane . From the width of the curved clip, the length of the grip to the handle. Grip size, as well as the elasticity of rubber gaskets. Everywhere by professional makeup artist repeatedly practice, confirmed to ensure the use of comfort and use. After the curling effect. Very good eyelash curler, use feel very smooth, safe, curling curl is also very natural, does not appear unexpected


Eyelash curler on the root of the eyelashes gently force folder, then gently open the eyelash curler side by the roots of the eyelashes to the eyelashes distal forward with eyelash curler should master the skills to avoid the use of improper In the eyelash root, middle and tip of the three applied force, at the end of the clip at the end of the clip should be slightly oblique and outward volume, so that the natural eyelashes can make eyelashes, eyelashes, To tilt, just in the eyelash root force is wrong, it will make the eyelashes upturned unnatural.