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'Supermarket' REBEKAH Ruibao Jia | Beauty Set (4IN1) Mask Bowl Mask Tool

'Supermarket' REBEKAH Ruibao Jia | Beauty Set (4IN1) Mask Bowl Mask Tool
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: REBEKAH / Rebecca
  • Makeup / beauty tools a single product: Beauty Set (4IN1)

product name REBEKAH Rebecca Beauty Set / Mask Bowl / Mask Tool
Product specifications 1 set (4 in 1) mask bowl, mask stick, mask brush, gauges
product quality PVC ABS PP
Shelf life Indefinite
Commodity origin China
product manual

4 IN 1 Beauty Set DIY Series

Mask bowl: made of high-quality plastic, no side effects, safe use.

Mask stick: made of high quality plastic, used to stir, smear mask.

Mask brush: soft brush, made of high quality nylon wool, feel comfortable!

Gauge: available in three different sizes, according to the different needs according to the amount of request.

Special Note After use to keep clean, dry!
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