Aomu narrow version / fine | eyelid | stickers | Stealth | flesh is not reflective matte breathable send fork 200 pairs

Aomu narrow version / fine | eyelid | stickers | Stealth | flesh is not reflective matte breathable send fork 200 pairs

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Eyelid Category: eyelid fiber strips
  • Brand: Aomu
  • A single product: flesh-sided narrow
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Effect: Waterproof other / other

Aomu transparent eyelid stickers invisible flesh is not reflective Narrow version

Brands Aomu
specification Narrow version (L * W 24mm * 2.5mm) 10 200 pairs of transparent flesh

More suitable for double eyelids swollen MM comparison with color similar comparison stealth, super sticky, good stealth effect, non-reflective Baotou, waterproof

Pirates of the original image Report

Tips : Before paste to clean the skin under the eye, if you want a BB cream, then you can at Shanghao after BB cream,

Eyelid with a cotton swab to wipe a little piece, so it will stick very firmly, or if there is powder and fat may affect the viscosity,

Eyelid selected for their eye-shaped stickers, find a good suitable location, usually a little closer to the roots of eyelashes eye single fold a little stick

Paste before, it was very fleshy double eyelid are generally not hold up

A style : Nature Korean eyelid ohhh

The figure is our customer service MM: double, very thick eyelids, suitable for medium and wide version

Style two : If you like this style of eyelid, eyelid paste can be appropriately adjusted position

hint : Stickers, ready eyelid stickers, you can paste the false eyelashes effect will be better Oh, cut segments posted lower lashes can be more natural,

Posted under lower lashes to be a bit of eyeliner oh

Sign three performance tests (1 stealth / 2 waterproof / 3 Super Sticky)

Choose to spend cho : Color similar, Baotou, natural invisible for most MM

Invisibility : Together with the texture of the skin, and do not see?

Waterproof effect : Waterproof and sweat for a long time and will not close out

Viscous effects : Good clean eye skin after 24 hours will not stick out

It describes two practical tips, red dotted line on behalf of their eye off the green eyelid paste

France posted a widened eyes off Along fold line attached to natural

Act II opening the eyes stick head Bead eye head attached above the natural fold