Supermarket Lily Bell cotton 120 | without leaving silky soft and comfortable cotton batting

 Supermarket Lily Bell cotton 120 | without leaving silky soft and comfortable cotton batting

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Lily Bell / Lily Bell makeup ...
  • Beauty tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty tools category: cotton
  • Beauty Tools varieties: cotton
  • Brand: Lily Bell / Lily Bell
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: cotton 120
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin
  • made in China
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Brand: Lily Bell

Name: cotton

Specifications: 120

Efficacy: Function: remover, apply lotion, wet, massage the skin such as multiple effects

* This product is a pure natural cotton fibers with ultra-thin lightweight characteristics, and therefore has a strong moisture release force, as long as a little bit of make-up water can fully moisturize your face, but it saves lotion.
* This product is soft and delicate, gently wipe the face when you feel comfortable, easy to produce cotton, make your face clean.
* This product is by ultraviolet disinfection, hygiene, quality and reliable
* This product is suitable for the makeup, use makeup, erase cream, unloading lipstick, lotion stick, dip lotion, lip oil, nail polish and so on.
* Time using one to two, is a convenient and economical type supplies.

Some mushrooms cool, not accustomed to using cotton, cotton do not think it is possible to shoot water and makeup here to help you out the grounds for the use of cotton:
A: easy to control the amount of make-up water easily.
II: sustained release lotion, full face fair skin can be assigned to the same components.
Three: wiping action can take away the old waste form skin cells, there was a slight exfoliating effect.
Four: even such a dead nose rub obtained.
Five: You can rub a very uniform, because skin table has leather trench Picchu, cotton can fill bump.


The overall direction is from the middle of the face began to wipe the bottom up, so that the direction of the purpose is to enhance skin firmness, especially neck most likely overlooked the situation can prevent sagging; Niu Er beauty guru provides another wiping direction, because the pores opening slightly down, so you can wipe the top down the first time, help to close the pores, and finally wipe the bottom up.

With Lotion / Makeup Remover
Moisten cotton pad with lotion, from the inside out and gently rubbed the whole face, but a little dry place to stay to fully absorb most of the moisture lotion is made with a combination of humectants, not only It can replenish skin stratum corneum moisture and natural moisturizing factor, and for the follow-up lotion, cream with enhance the absorption effect, so you can wipe the eye and lip weeks, however, there is exfoliating function, lotions containing alcohol, because it is more to stimulate will have to avoid.

With exfoliating solution
Morning and evening after cleaning, pressing 2-3 times exfoliating solution on a cotton pad, until after penetration, gently from the center of the outer face, bottom-up wipe the entire face, massage a small area of ​​rotation, old waste horny shedding, nose and chin horny thick place, can strengthen the middle finger pulp massage.