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Micro-HDMI HDMI adapter to short-term | mini HDMI male HDMI female 15cm

Micro-HDMI HDMI adapter to short-term | mini HDMI male HDMI female 15cm
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yue Chi people heart
  • Process: gold-plated
  • Interface Type: HDMI D TYPE
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops

Line length 15CM, smart design, to meet the needs of mobile phone users!

In response to the needs of customers, the development of this section of the cable to the mobile phone users. Easy to plug the product, to provide a small enough space for mobile phones.

As the micro HDMI connector is relatively small, Yue Zhiren heart with a 34AWG line tinned copper wire, the line is relatively small, soft, but still ensure the stability of the signal.
Product Description:

HDMI connector 1: mini HDMI (type D), gold plated
HDMI connector 2: HDMI (type A female), gold-plated

Structure: standard adapter cable, flexible application
Conforms to HDMI 1.4 standard, supports 3D, supports network.
HD: 1440p / 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 480p

The scope of products:
This adapter can be used to connect a mini HDMI (Micro-HDMI) interface to a standard HDMI interface.
Typical applications: with Micro HDMI interface, tablet PCs, digital cameras, digital cameras, mobile phones, MP4, etc. connected to high-definition TV!

Applications: XT720, XT800, XT882, XT883, XT875, XT910, MT810, ME811, ME865, MT701, MT917, MB860, HTC EVO, LG P990, LG P993, LG P999 and other mobile phones, Tablet PC Acer Acer