Baby boy capped ocean soothing wipes baby wipes paper hand to mouth ass 5 pack

Baby boy capped ocean soothing wipes baby wipes paper hand to mouth ass 5 pack

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Packing (piece): 480
  • Brand: Goodbaby / boy
  • Series: Marine Hydra
  • Specifications: 80 pumping * 6
  • Packing: bags lid
  • Specifications: Other
  • Wipes purposes: skincare dedicated

Sampling valid until January 3, 2018

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Product Property Description
[Name] Name
Baby sanitary wipes U3202
80 * 5 pack
The scope of application
0 months or more
【net weight】
[Shelf Life]
2 years
The main components
Ocean water, amino acids seaweed extract, spunlace .EDI ultrapure water electrolysis, cetyl pyridine green arsenic (0.2% 0)
Monolithic size 200mm * 150mm Single package (80) Package Size 200mm * 100mm * 60mm
【Function Description】


Suitable for wiping hands, face, skin and daily utensils:

Avoid for the eyes, wounds and other sensitive parts of the product have antiseptic and moisturizing effects
Closures torn, ripped stickers, it becomes desirable to use

After use, please close the closures, in order to avoid internal moisture evaporation
Do not use in the eyes, wounds, eczema, or swelling parts as found skin irritation, please stop using it immediately
Please wipes and bags placed in the baby should be taken to place to avoid eating or cause choking hazard, and use under adult supervision
Please keep a cool place, avoid sunlight or high temperature exposure, please use after snapping the cover paper paste, in order to avoid drying out the wet tissue
This product is not soluble in water, do not thrown into the water side to avoid clogging

【special reminder】

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