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Weifang Kite | Kids Cartoon Kites | Eagle good flying large multi-size

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  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: nine days
  • Color Classification: small rainbow +100 meters line board radiant +30 m line 1.6 m rainbow +100 m line 1.6 m grassland +100 m line 1.6 goldfish +230 rice line wheel ★ 1.8 gold eagle (without line) 1.8 m before the brace red hawk 2.4 m Black Eagle (without line) 2.4 m Black Hawk (without line) 2.4 m Black Hawk (without line) 2.4 m Black Hawk (without line) 2.4 m Black Hawk (Excluding lines) Large eagle (without line) Small eagle (without line) Aircraft (without line) Multicolored sunlight (without line) (Excluding lines) 4 m octopus - blue (not including lines) 4 m octopus - orange (without lines) 3 m octopus (without lines)
  • Item No .: 001

Boutique package

Description: Our kites have to undergo a rigorous quality control procedures and release the test, product design is reasonable, simple assembly, breeze easy to fly.
  • Large steel eagle kite eagle children authentic Weifang large kite genuine good fly 1.6-3.6 meters 包邮
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Line wheel package:

Declaration: OUR kite for each process are strict quality control and release test, the product implementation of three bags, the credibility of the supremacy, but the kite for the pure handmade products, because in the process of hand-cutting cloth printing, positioning when positioning cloth Holes and other related issues are unavoidable normal phenomenon, not a quality problem, hope you understand.